1. The EPC Mandate ROI Guide

    Today, many retailers are promoting omnichannel retail initiatives in order to offer their services and products to more consumers on more marketing platforms. It’s no secret that retailers with growing omnichannel initiatives see strong benefits with RFID from the DC to receiving to the back room, and the selling floor.

  2. Corry Micronics Product Catalog

    Corry Micronics, located in northwestern Pennsylvania, has been producing feedthru capacitors and radio frequency interference (RFI) filters since 1970. The company was originally established in response to the needs of the United States Department of Defense. Today, Corry Micronics manufactures RF and microwave components and assemblies, including RF filters, power amplifiers, and RF switches. 

  3. Transformative Technology Changing Manufacturing — Is RFID The Competitive Advantage You Need?

    At one time it was enough to just streamline operations to become more “Lean”. And those lean initiatives helped many manufacturers get through financial crises and economic downturns. Process automation and barcoding made a significant impact, but even the right mix of efficiency and business systems isn’t enough with today’s advancements.

  4. Omni-ID® Power 415 Datasheet

    The Omni-ID Power 415 is a rugged active tag capable of tremendous performance while tracking assets in harsh environments. Over- molded for maximum durability and providing flexible mounting options, the Power 415 includes enough battery capacity for up to 5 years of duty in almost all applications. Radio communications penetrate snow/moisture and provide exceptional distance.

  5. Omni-ID® Adept 850 Datasheet

    Omni-ID’s Adept 850 durable High Memory RFID tag is specifically designed to store production data throughout global manufacturing operations. With 64Kbits user memory, a slim profile, tapered corners and secure connections, this tag is ideal for mounting on cycling metal carriers to give years of durable service.

  6. Omni-ID® Adept 1200G Datasheet

    Omni-ID’s Windshield Label Tag, the Adept 1200G is the perfect solution to optimize vehicle asset management operations. When attached to glass surfaces, the superior read performance of the Adept 1200G assures reliability and accuracy.

  7. Omni-ID® Exo 800 Datasheet

    Omni-ID Exo 800 is long range passive UHF RFID tag capable of reading on, off, and near metal surfaces. Designed in a surprisingly small form factor, the Omni-ID Exo 800 features a rugged design for long term use in outdoor and industrial environments.

  8. Omni-ID® Power 50 Tag (BAP) Datasheet

    The Omni-ID Power 50 utilizes the latest Battery Assisted Passive technology and is a rugged tag capable of exteme impact resistance and tremendous performance. Offering active tag read ranges (UP to 50m) on, off, or near metals, with passive tag infrastructure costs, the Power 50 is often deployed in outdoor heavy industrial environments anywhere in the world.

  9. Omni-ID® Adept 600 Datasheet

    Omni-ID’s Adept 600 is a premium, tamper-proof RFID label designed for use on non-metal assets. The innovative construction ensures the label is completely destroyed during removal from an asset making this our most secure RFID label. Whether used on vehicle windshields or plastic RTIs, the Adept 600 offers unmatched asset protection and global frequency for tracking assets worldwide.

  10. Omni-ID® View 10 Datasheet

    The View 10 is a rugged page-sized electrophoretic display device that enables electronic work instructions, build manuals and documentation. On-board IR and RFID allows efficient tracking and triggering through the process while integrated Wi-Fi leverages open wireless infrastructure. Built tough for commercial applications.