Case Study

Driving To The Future

Source: Intermec, Inc.

VISA Global logistics recognised that the existing platform was outdated and unreliable. It had a slow internet connection (GPRS) and unreliable GSM module that was causing frustration amongst the truck drivers. The existing version of Windows mobile (PocketPC 2003) was no longer supported by Microsoft and many workarounds needed to be implemented to keep the platform running. VISA decided that they needed to upgrade from the existing fleet of Dolphin 9500 handheld terminals to a dependable platform that would be compatible with evolving technologies in the future and so be supported in the long term.

VISA Global Logistics planned a 2010 nationwide upgrade, which involved comparing the leading products on the market to identify a replacement for the existing platform. After reviewing the core requirements, SkyWire – a Sydney based integrator – recommended the Intermec CN50 terminal. The CN50 runs an in-house developed transport application (.NET Compact Framework) which communicates with the central enterprise system using wireless technology (3G).