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  1. New Harvard Medical School Study Identifies RFID Technology To Have The Potential To Substantially Improve Patient Safety By Reducing RSI Errors

    The ORLocate® system by Haldor Advanced Technologies (“Haldor”), a developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled medical products and technologies, has been identified as the only RFID based system currently available in the market for the counting and tracking of both surgical instruments and sponges.

  2. Balluff Introduces Highly Anticipated BIS VU-320 RFID Reader

    Expanding on the success of the BIS V RFID platform, Balluff recently began fulfilling orders in North America and Europe on the highly anticipated BIS VU-320 UHF reader.

  3. Identiv Partners With DNP To Provide UHF RFID Tags For Infrastructure-Monitoring Systems That Detect Cracks In Bridges

    Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ:INVE) today announced that the company’s ultra high-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) tags have been incorporated into a new system that monitors critical infrastructure and detects cracks in bridges and tunnels.

  4. The iBarcoder 3.8.5 - Mac Barcode Generator Released, New Features Added, Functionality Improved

    The iBarcoder version 3.8.5, one of the most popular barcode generating softwares for Mac has been released. The products supports about 40 barcode types, QR Code, ISBN, EAN13, GS1-128 among them, and allows easy to use and intuitive barcode customization, and serialization using tools provided. Printing, or exporting single barcodes, and also barcode sequences from various sources is quick and simple.

  5. PrintKit App To Expedite Mobile Printing Of Barcode Labels

    Eposode has announced the promotion of the new PrintKit App from leading enterprise mobility solutions provider Infinite Peripherals. This app expedites mobile printing of 1D or 2D barcode and QR code labels to maximise convenience and increase efficiency. This free app can be downloaded to any iOS device to create custom labels or replicate existing labels.

  6. GAO RFID Announces The Release Of Its Industry-Changing Smart Checkout System For Cabinets

    GAO RFID is excited to introduce an integrated business solution for tracking the checkout and return of important assets from within a cabinet. GAO now offers a Smart Checkout Cabinet that is a self-service system designed for businesses that require employees and contractors to borrow assets in order to complete their day-to-day tasks.

  7. Alien Technology® Introduces Two New UHF Passive RFID Reader Antennas

    Alien Technology, an industry leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) products and services, today introduced two new UHF Passive RFID reader antennas for use with Alien or non-Alien RFID readers.

  8. GAO RFID Announces A New Long Range Personnel Tracking System

    GAO RFID is proud to present their Active Personnel Tracking system, an integrated solution designed to help different types of businesses to safely and efficiently track their personnel in their institution or job site.

  9. Michelin Leads Innovation With RFID Technology And Upgrades To Service Offers That Drive Value For Fleets

    Michelin Americas Truck Tires, a division of Michelin North America, Inc., announced today a technological enhancement that allows fleets to more efficiently manage their maintenance and assets.

  10. TrackX Partners With Barcoding To Expand North American Opportunities

    TrackX Holdings Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TKX) ("TrackX" or the "Company"), announced today its partnership with Barcoding, Inc. ("Barcoding"), the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy and connectivity.