Current Headlines

  1. Kathrein RFID And Tönnjes E.A.S.T. Conclude Cooperation Agreement

    Kathrein is starting a global collaboration in the field of electronic vehicle identification (EVI) with Tönnjes E.A.S.T., the leading German licence plate manufacturer. Both companies have been working together for years in the development of new technologies.

  2. TagMaster North America Installs RFID System For Martin Army Medical Center At Fort Benning, Georgia

    TagMaster North America, Inc., the leading provider of identification solutions was installed at Martin Army Medical Center for high security parking garage access.

  3. Smartrac Introduces Midas FlagTag, A Cost-Efficient High-Performance Tag For Metallic Surfaces And Everyday Objects

    RFID and IoT solutions pacesetter Smartrac has announced its Midas FlagTag, a technically sophisticated yet simplified, innovative RFID tag for consumer goods and industrial components with metallic, plastic and cardboard surfaces. 

  4. Syndicate Launches A RFID Windshield Label That Doubles As A 3rd License Plate

    Syndicate’s Crystal 3rd License Plate is a Non-Transferrable Tamperproof RFID windshield label, made to deliver reliable reading for years. With IR and UV light protection, the tag is optimized for application on windshields, offering a read range of up to 10 meters (depending on the reader). This label offers distinct advantages over conventional RFID windshield tags.

  5. Wearable Devices' Expansion To Industrial Sector Thrives With Addition Of Advanced Sensors And Software

    The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and workers' need for real-time data, monitoring and tracking are boosting the development of wearable technologies for the industrial sector.

  6. Group Mobile Adds The New Getac A140 To Product Portfolio — Large And Secure Fully Rugged Tablet For Mobile Workers Collecting Data In The Field

    Group Mobile, a rapidly expanding premiere provider of innovative, full service mobile technology solutions has expanded its product line to include the new Getac A140 fully rugged tablet.

  7. CabiNet Scrub Dispenser Proves A Success For LewisGale Medical Center

    Autovalet, the world’s leading provider of automated uniform management systems, announced recently that LewisGale Medical Center, a 506-bed hospital in Salem, Va., has implemented the company’s CabiNet RFID Scrub Dispenser solution. The hospital is now using CabiNet to provide scrubs for over 350 employees.

  8. TEKLYNX’ CODESOFT Barcode Label Design Solution Becoming Critical Software For Leading Manufacturers

    TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, today announced that TEKLYNX’ barcode label design software solution, CODESOFT, is becoming a critical software for manufacturers globally.

  9. Persistent Systems, LLC Introduces Lower C-Band RF Module For MPU5 Radio

    Persistent Systems, LLC ("Persistent") announced today that it has released a Lower C-Band RF module for its MPU5 radio system, reflecting the company's commitment to a truly modular radio architecture.

  10. iVEDiX Partners With Litum IoT To Expand Internet Of Things Capabilities For Its Digital Business Platform

    iVEDiX, the innovative leader in digital visualization, analytics, and workflow solutions, announced today a partnership with Litum IoT to expand the current Internet of Things (IoT) and Asset Management capabilities of the iVEDiX Digital Business Platform.