Feature Articles

  1. How Existing Healthcare Tech Combined To Improve The Patient Experience

    A new offering combines RFID, voice recognition, cloud, and Web-based mobile technologies to provide multiple benefits to providers.

  2. RFID, Voice Recognition, Mobile, And Cloud Transform Clinical Documentation

    Post-EHR era application automates physician EHR documentation, patient check-in, and traffic flow. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  3. Tractica: Wearable Payments Could Total 500 Billion+ Annually By 2020

    It’s no surprise wearables including smart watches, fitness trackers, and wristband devices are growing in popularity.

  4. RFID And Its Growing Importance To Your IT Clients

    Radio frequency identification (RFID) is set to revolutionize and reinvent the shopping experience, according to advisory firm KMPG.

  5. Target Set To Implement RFID Price Tags

    Implementation should be complete by 2016 and is anticipated to improve inventory management.

  6. Retail IT VAR Of The Future Preview: 4 Parts Of The Retail IT Ecosystem

    Business Solutions Retail IT VAR Of The Future Conference, May 12-13, at Bally’s Las Vegas, will present an in-depth look at four topics: POS-as-a-Service, mobile point of sale (POS), Payment Security and EMV, and customer experience.

  7. GS1 Performance Protocol Aims To Standardize Tagged-Item Requirements

    Standards group GS1 US has issued a new protocol outlining tagged-item requirements that assigns grades to EPC (electronic product code) ultrahigh-frequency UHF RFID tag specification and that standardizes testing.

  8. NIST Study Examines Use Of RFID For Forensic Evidence Management

    RFID technology is widely used in manufacturing and other industries as a method of tracking and managing inventories.

  9. How RFID Technology Can Help Protect Students

    In an effort to improve the safety of children on their way to and from schools, school systems are looking into tracking solutions as a way to keep tabs on where students are.

  10. RFID Tracks Medications, Improves Safety

    Electronic tracing of medication trays has improved patient safety at Fletcher Allen in Vermont. By Katie Wike, contributing writer