Product Showcase

  1. Impinj Speedway® Revolution Reader
    Application environments are dynamic. Everything from RF interference, tag quantity, and ambient RF noise to building materials near an RFID installation affect system performance. Most users configure their readers for worst case scenarios, often compromising best performance in the process. With its innovative Autopilot features, Impinj's Speedway Revolution delivers peak performance — all day, every day.
  2. OAT Reusable Asset Tracking
    OAT real-time enabled SAP ERP and SAP AII for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to provide Real-Time Serialized Container Tracking of Class II Pharmaceuticals, automatically generating Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) and error-proofing product delivery across multiple manufacturing facilities.
  3. CribMaster Last Point Read
    Do you need to take your CribMaster RFID solution to the next level? Do you need additional accountability for your indirect materials and mobile assets? Do you want to track and monitor tools as they move through your facility so that you can reduce search time if certain items go missing? We have the solution!
  4. CribMaster ToolCube Point-Of-Use Distribution
    Every now and then a product comes along that totally changes the way things are done. The ToolCube™ is one of those products! Like all of the CribMaster point-of-use distribution devices, control, security and ease of access to your tools and supplies are the benefits you see most. With the ToolCube™, we’ve combined this security, control and ease of distribution into a unique modular storage system that controls access to drawers and individual storage spaces.
  5. Lexmark RFID UHF Option For Printers
    Lexmark was the first printer manufacturer to bring an innovative RFID UHF Option to market.
  6. Lexmark FileTrail Software
    All it takes is one lost or misplaced piece of evidence to disrupt a trial or derail a legal proceeding. With cases growing and resources shrinking, you need a streamlined evidence-handling solution that offers higher efficiency and a more secure chain of custody. Lexmark, FileTrail and Pinnacle Label have teamed up to offer a Web-based state-of-the-art solution for evidence tracking.
  7. DocuTrack
    Having visibility to documents, binders, files, assets, inventory or any other object at the touch of a screen or pull of a trigger provides significant value to any organization. Stratum Global's DocuTrack RFID application software solution provides simplified systematic identification and location management at all times. Designed for complete efficiency with a total solution including software, hardware, tags and education to provide complete flexibility and instant information residing at the user's discretion either within DocuTrack's Repository and/or any enterprise Record Management System.
  8. TagNet Professional Services
    Delivering Quality Professional Services for Innovative RFID Solutions
  9. TaggingStation
    This is a self-contained automated conveyer solution with RFID infrastructure for high volume tagging of existing bar-coded case stock. Provides real-time scanning of case barcodes and produces EPCglobal SmartLabels for automatic application via 'Print & Apply' hardware.
  10. TagTrack
    Mobile lift trucks or similar material handling vehicles are integral tools in most facilities. In many instances, integrating an RFID Inventory Management solution for these vehicles makes more sense than equipping a facility with a high number of fixed RFID read zones.