Product Showcase

  1. Impinj Monza® 5 RFID Tag Chips
    RFID Tags - Impinj’s new Monza® 5 tag chips enable unmatched read reliability and encoding performance to yield optimal RFID business results with low applied tag cost.
  2. Impinj STP™ Source Tagging Platform
    The Impinj STP platform supports scalable, flexible, cost-effective, high-speed, and highly reliable source tagging solutions for items such as apparel, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Intermec IF2 Network Reader

    The Intermec IF2 is a compact, cost-effective network reader designed to support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point.

  4. Intermec IF4 Fixed RFID Reader

    The IF4 is a simple reader or “peripheral device”, with best in class dense reader mode performance, specifically designed with a RS232 port for a cost effective solution for implementing RFID by attaching the reader to a programmable logic controller (PLC).

  5. InSync iAppCloud
    The industry’s only online RFID and sensor-driven application design and run-time environment.
  6. Impinj Monza® 4 RFID Tag Chip Family
    The Monza 4 family of RFID tag chips delivers unique privacy, performance, and memory benefits that address even the most challenging of RFID applications.
  7. Impinj Indy® Reader Chip Family
    The Impinj UHF RFID product line includes the Indy reader chip family, based on award winning technology acquired from Intel Corporation.
  8. Impinj RFID Reader Antenna Products
    Expertise in RFID breeds excellence at both the component and system level, and is vital to obtaining peak performance for any application. At Impinj, we define accurate, reliable, and adaptable solutions as systems of integrity.
  9. Motorola MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant
    The MC75 re-defines the standard for EDA mobile computers with simultaneous voice, data and GPS services as well as an unprecedented number of enterprise class features.
  10. CK71 Mobile Computer

    The new CK71 provides everything you need in a mobile computer. Rugged construction, all–day use, fast processing and unmatched versatility.