Feature Articles

  1. Kayser-Roth Deploys Item-Level RFID Tracking Solution From Motorola And Entigral Systems
    Privately held Kayser-Roth Corporation is a leader in legwear and intimate apparel.
  2. RFID Solutions For Healthcare: Reducing Costs And Improving Operational Efficiency
    Healthcare is a business unlike any other. First, patients are not typical consumers — they do not always decide when and where they will seek care, the type of care they will get, how much to pay for it or how urgently they need it. Yet cost of care is a serious concern to them
  3. Thermal Transfer Vs. Direct Thermal Printing: Five Key Considerations
    This easy-to-understand white paper clearly describes the differences between thermal transfer and direct thermal printing, and charts the strengths and weaknesses of both technologies. Detailed explanations reveal the key issues to consider when deciding the most suitable technology for your label printing and/or print and apply application.
  4. Laydown Yard Management
    Construction companies utilize local storage yards to store large, high-value assets for construction projects. Storage yards, often referred to as "Laydown yards" may extend for hundreds of acres in which materials are stored in close proximity to a job site.
  5. Agricultural Bank Of China Tracks Money Bags With RFID
    The Agricultural Bank of China is a publicly traded commercial bank in the People’s Republic of China. With headquarters in Beijing and branches throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the Agricultural Bank provides comprehensive financial services for 3.5 million personal customers, 9.7 million VIP customers, and more than 260 million enterprise customers around the world.
  6. Fashion Company Doubles Logistics Efficiency With RFID
    Patrizia Pepe, a fashion brand of Tessilform Spa that was established in 1998, has a presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  7. Tavern Restaurant Group Uses RFID To Implement Self-Serve Beer System
    In investigating the latest tap table options, the Tavern Restaurant Group was introduced to DraftServ Technologies by Atlanta restaurateur, Jose Hevia. In addition to installing a beer management system for Jose, DraftServ had created a very popular beer wall at his Cheeky restaurant that allows customers to pour their own beer in a responsible and controlled manner.
  8. Imaging Moves Into The Mainstream

    Misperceptions about 2-D imagers are changing fast, which is why 2-D imagers are the fastest-growing category of bar code readers. Only a few years ago, 2-D imagers were (wrongly) considered a niche technology mostly used for reading 2-D bar codes. Now they are becoming the technology of choice for most bar code applications, and lasers are on the way to becoming a niche technology. By Intermec

  9. White Paper: Understanding The Characteristics Of The RFID Spectrum
    Whether you are managing inventory in a retail store or warehouse, work-in-process operations at a manufacturing plant, tracking medical equipment in a hospital or processing NFC cards for payment transactions, RFID can help you do it better, faster, and more accurately.
  10. Enterprise Mobility - From 'Outside-In' To 'Inside-Out'

    The enterprise is going mobile. You're experiencing it yourself, and you're not alone: according to a forecast published by research firm IDC in February 2010, the number of mobile workers accessing enterprise systems worldwide will top the 1 billion mark this year on the way to 1.2 billion by 2013, or more than a third of the world's workforce.