Feature Articles

  1. Omni-ID® Ultrathin Application Guide: IQ 400 & IQ 600

    Omni-ID Ultrathin IQ 400 and IQ 600 products are durable labels designed for use with standard RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. With both on-metal and on-liquid compatibility these labels provide a unique advantage over standard dipole technology in many real world applications.

  2. RFID: Moving From Manual To Automated

    As companies become increasingly aware of the liabilities and frustrations inherent in manually affixing RFID labels, commonly called “slap and ship,” they are investigating a transition to automated RFID tagging. By SATO America

  3. Automated Kitting With RFID From Entigral And Motorola Reduces Response Times And Improves Operational Efficiency For FEMA

    How RFID helps speed FEMA inspections and improve field equipment recovery.

  4. On-site RFID Rental Unit From Motorola Delivers Time, Money, And Labor Savings for Speedy Services

    RFID makes self-service equipment rental practical for Speedy Services.

  5. Track/Trace Solutions For The Food Processing Industry

    Recent RFID industry symposiums reveal market focus being applied to solidifying the US food supply chain position as the best and most dependable in the world. As product wholesomeness significantly impacts the population’s health, the drive to full accounting through traceability grows within the industry. By Gary Krause Director of Marketing, SATO America, Inc.

  6. Leveraging Printer Infrastructure To Reap The Benefits Of Converging Technologies

    Technology has an inexorable momentum, but one that proceeds at a pace determined by utility. Such is the case with barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

  7. Mobility Innovations For The Next Generation Utility

    Mobility applications have evolved to the point that some utilities have been able to completely eliminate the use of paper in the field. Screens may be customized to accommodate any desired report functions from meter changes to service requests to scheduled inspections and maintenance so that all data for reporting is captured electronically in the field and redundant data entry is eliminated.

  8. Driving To The Future
    Over the last five years, VISA’s truck drivers have been using the Dolphin 9500 hand held computers when transporting containers and loose cargo. These devices provided the drivers with task allocation and were used to update the status of the current job in progress. By Intermec
  9. Labeled For Success
    For more than 90 years, Koegel Meats, Inc. has specialized in providing only the best to their customers in the form of unique hardwood-smoked hot dogs, sausages and lunch meats. And it was the same dedication to customer service that led them to look for a new solution that would offer a more streamlined approach to their plant’s labeling and product tracking operations. By Intermec
  10. Because Seconds Count
    It’s "rush hour" at Memphis International Airport (MEM). Soon after a plane touches down, passengers are jostling through the gates, carryon luggage in tow and cell phones pressed to ears, rushing off to their connecting flights. As travelers brush past, airport personnel strive to help passengers who need information or have special needs. The scene is being repeated throughout Memphis International Airport, which is unusual in that approximately one third of all daily flights take off or land within a 70- to 90-minute period. By Intermec