News | July 14, 2009

Xterprise Announces Partnership With Packaging Logistics Services Leveraging Industry Leading Clarity Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Application

Source: Xterprise Incorporated

Xterprise recently announced a partnership with Packaging Logistics Services (PLS), a leading provider of plastic returnable packaging solutions, to deploy RFID-based solutions for the tracking and management of returnable transport assets. PLS expects to leverage the Clarity Reusable Transport Item (RTI)™ application from Xterprise to offer enhanced asset management capabilities to clients in the food and beverage, automotive and industrial markets throughout Europe.

"We know how important it is for companies to track and manage assets as those resources move through the supply chain," says Jon Graves, General Manager of PLS. "Through this collaborative effort with Xterprise, we will be able to offer enhanced management services to companies who want the benefits of RFID, but who may not be ready to make that investment on their own."

At the heart of its management service, PLS offers a comprehensive asset management system capable of tracking and managing a wide range of returnable packaging assets as they move through a complex, fast-paced supply chain. PLS collaborated with Xterprise to leverage the latest RFID tagging technology and specially developed management and tracking tools. These capabilities allow PLS to offer its customers full asset visibility on a 24/7 basis, as well as measurable savings from higher asset utilization, reduced operating costs and greater transaction accuracy.

PLS and Xterprise are collaborating to apply today's most advanced RFID technologies to meet these challenges.

"Right now, we are evaluating the use of the Clarity RTI application for a major European beverage supplier," added Graves. "Combined with our existing capabilities, this solution allows us to really differentiate ourselves from our competition."

For organizations seeking greater supply chain efficiencies, the Clarity Reusable Transport Item (RTI)™ application can be used to track a wide variety of reusable transport assets – from totes and racks to containers and reusable packaging – throughout the item's lifecycle. In real-world implementations, Clarity RTI has helped organizations increase reusable asset utilization by 40%, reduce acquisition costs by 30%, lower operating costs by 25% and improve transactional accuracy by 75% or more. Those types of gains can help make organizations that support the industrial supply chain more efficient and profitable.

"Companies that provide supply chain services are naturally looking for ways to drive greater productivity and lower costs for their customers, and RFID technologies can help them do both," says Jim Caudill, SVP of marketing and strategy at Xterprise. "We continue to see expansion of the RTI market, particularly in Europe, and are working closely with PLS to deploy our Clarity RTI application to give them greater visibility and control over their returnable packaging assets. We are confident that this will give PLS a real competitive edge in the demanding packaging sector."

About Packaging Logistics Services
As a leading provider of plastic returnable packaging solutions, PLS is known for delivering customer-focused service solutions. PLS operates from a network of sites across Europe to deliver fully outsourced returnable packaging solutions designed to optimize today's demanding supply chains and production lines. PLS offers comprehensive Transit Packaging operational and management solutions, allowing companies to concentrate on their core business activities. PLS services include asset management and control solutions, packaging equipment rental and product inspection, washing and repair services.

About Xterprise
Xterprise Incorporated is a leader in the development of enterprise-class RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) software applications. These highly scalable applications combine our Clarity™ application framework technology, Microsoft platform technology, continuous improvement and lean supply chain expertise, enterprise systems integration along with RFID and other sensory technology to deliver previously unachievable levels of visibility, accuracy, process compliance and value to our clients. Recognized by Microsoft as the 2008 RFID Partner of the Year, Xterprise delivers fast ROI, high value and low TCO solutions across a wide variety of industries. For more information visit

SOURCE: Xterprise Incorporated