Datasheet | June 30, 2008

Wavetrend: RX1000 Wireless Reader

Source: Wavetrend

The RX1000 reader detects and decodes RFID (radio frequency identification) signals from Wavetrend's range of active RFID tags. It can operate in rugged conditions at ultra long ranges, subject to the appropriate antenna being fitted to the unit. The data from detected tags is sent by the reader via Ethernet over a WLAN to authorized corporate computing systems.


  • IP and MAC addressable. Provides all standard WLAN functions
  • Powered from a separate 7.5V PSU (supplied). 802.11b/g supported.
  • Reader status indication by LED's on the front panel and at RJ45 connectors.
  • Two modes of data transmission:
    • Hardware auto-polling: tag data provided automatically from Reader network
    • Software polling: tag data requested from each reader individually by intelligent edge devices or host application.
  • User configurable "heart beat" message.
  • Signal Strength information is reported with every tag.