News | July 6, 2010

Winware Releases A Battery-Powered RFID Modular Drawer System For FOD And High Accountability Areas

Source: WinWare, Inc.

WinWare Inc. announces the Battery-Powered Accu-Drawer RFID Modular Drawer System used to manage tooling, spare parts or any indirect material at point-of-use in tightly controlled and FOD critical environments.

"The Accu-Drawer is proven and continues to be the leading technology to control tools in FOD environments and high accountability areas," states Larry Harper, WinWare president, "and now with the wireless and battery-powered capabilities, the Accu-Drawer has even more flexibility." With fully charged batteries, the Battery-Powered Accu-Drawer will provide 24+ hours of continuous operation, and the CribMaster software allows for disconnected network functionality. The network appliance housed in the Accu-Drawer provides greater benefits by drawing less power than the traditional PC, and there are no moving parts where the transactional data is stored. This mobile, secured point-of-use dispensing device can be placed in proximity of the work area which maximizes productivity and yields operational efficiencies. The battery-powered Accu-Drawer with wireless capabilities adds more inventory management options to an already extensive line of solutions.

Just as in the original Accu-Drawer, the Wireless Battery-Powered Accu-Drawer consists of a heavy duty modular drawer cabinet internally equipped with four RFID Antennae. When a user walks up to the Accu-Drawer, he or she must identify themselves prior to the drawer being released. They can do this by using the touch screen monitor located on the top of the cabinet or with a bar-code or proximity badge scan. Once the drawer is released, the user opens the door to find inventory sitting in a defined location. Either the inventory is tagged or the bin location is monitored by the patented RFID switch. The user removes the inventory and shuts the drawer. The inventory is automatically adjusted and is properly accounted. On the touch screen an "Items Out" icon appears making it clearly visible to anyone within sight of the screen indicating that one or more items are missing from the cabinet and there is potential FOD in the area. If items are missing, anyone can simply touch the "Items Out" icon on the touch screen and the information is provided as to what is missing, who took it, when and where it is being used.

The CribMaster software that drives the Battery-Powered Accu-Drawer provides all the functionality needed to manage any type of indirect material. From tooling, spare parts inventory, PPE, MRO, etc., CribMaster is a robust and flexible inventory management application that was built to support the processes associated with this type of inventory.

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SOURCE: WinWare, Inc.