News | March 3, 2011

WinWare Announces Superior RFID Tagging Techniques In CribMaster Total Tool Control Solution

Source: WinWare, Inc.

WinWare, Inc, makers of the CribMaster inventory management system, announces superior RFID tool tagging techniques that drive efficiency in tool tracking for total control in FOD critical and tightly controlled environments.

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) - In tightly controlled environments such as aerospace manufacturing and aircraft MRO, total tool accountability is paramount. Critical information such as when a tool was removed, who used, and when it was returned are all vital parts of an effective tool tracking system. "In the event a tool does go missing, we've designed a total RFID tool control system that drastically reduces the search time to locate the tool," states Larry Harper, WinWare president. "With the advancement of RFID tags both in size and functionality combined with WinWare's superior tool tagging techniques, all the other critical components of the total tool control system work together to do the job of locating the missing tool which can greatly reduce costly production delays," adds Harper.

WinWare's Product Acceptance Team has consulted with end-users in FOD departments such as engineers, technicians, and aircraft mechanics for input on strategic tag placement so not to impinge on the usability of the tool. Extensive research in testing both the functionality and durability of various adhesives has ensured the best product for superior bonding of the RFID tag to the tool. As an added benefit and one that is approved by all FOD departments, are our "dual secure methods" which include the application of special polymer coatings on the bonded RIFD-tagged tools.

CribMaster software that drives the total tool control solution contains the functionality needed to manage any type of indirect material. From tooling, spare parts inventory, PPE, MRO, etc., CribMaster is a robust and flexible inventory management application that was built by supporting the processes associated with this type of inventory. CribMaster currently has over 5000 customers in 13 countries and is the clear leader in providing technology to assist customers in reducing, tracking inventory movement, enhancing processes and developing more effective replenishment.

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