News | May 5, 2011

Water Analysis Is Simplified With Hach's New DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer Featuring RFID Technology

Hach DR 3900 spectrophotometer offers guided procedures, hands-free updates and sample tracking to help prevent measurement errors

Hach Company unveiled its DR 3900 spectrophotometer featuring state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology recently. Because the DR 3900 innovatively uses the latest technology, it requires less training and increases confidence in the test results. This helps water and wastewater facilities prevent measurement errors. The DR 3900 further simplifies water analysis by walking users through testing procedures to ensure consistently accurate results regardless of the user's knowledge.

Lance Reisman, president of Hach, described this feature as "similar to a GPS telling you when to turn." He added, "Hach strives to provide the latest technology to revolutionize the way the world thinks about water analysis. So much of what Hach does every day is focused around how water testing can be simpler, while always providing the best quality. We are confident that the DR 3900 will meet these expectations."

The DR 3900 spectrophotometer provides significant advancements in quality control:

  • The DR 3900 eliminates false readings by taking ten readings of a prepared sample from different angles and removing outliers caused by scratches, flaws or dirt on the glassware.
  • RFID allows for hands-free calibration updates. Similar to a grocery store scanner where the system recognizes what you are buying, the DR 3900 automatically recognizes the lot, expiration, and calibration curves associated with each TNTplus chemistry sample. When the operator places a TNTplus box next to the machine, the DR 3900 immediately updates calibration factors and lets the user know if the chemistry is expired.
  • RFID technology enables tracking of samples. Sample bottles with RFID technology can easily be tracked with the new Hach locator device, eliminating sample mix-ups and providing better sample traceability. A combination of RFID tags at the sample location, on the bottle, and with each operator allow traceability for each measurement.

Additionally, the DR 3900 was built to connect easily with any computer or water management system through 1 LAN and 3 USB ports. This allows users to store and share the data in a way that is best suited to their needs.

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SOURCE: Hach Company