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Venture Research Delivers The Smallest Intelligent, Integrated RFID Portal / Reader In The Industry

Source: Venture Research

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Datasheet: SlimTrak Intelligent UHF RFID Portal / Reader With Integrated Computer

Venture Research Inc., a leading system integrator and manufacturer of RFID infrastructure hardware and software announced today that they are manufacturing SlimTraktm in volume which is the smallest full door UHF RFID portal on the market, suitable for retail, office, asset, WIP tracking, hospitals, security access, and many other tracking applications requiring an ultra slim profile. Additionally, the portal is fully intelligent containing a complete computing and sensor complement eliminating the need for costly middleware polling and network requirements and is immediately ready for cloud computing environments.

Smallest Footprint in the Industry

SlimTraktm fully configured consumes only 1.5" x 9" x 40" making it the thinnest fully integrated reader and antenna configuration in the industry. Providing a 2 or 3 antenna configuration, the antennas were designed specifically to be circularly polarized but also very broad in coverage so that tags can be read very near to the portals or far away. This is especially important for small doorways in constrained interiors or retail environments. The units can be mounted directly to the door facing, at the side on the door trim, on an adjacent wall or in a stand alone floor mount configuration.

Sensors and Indicators are Integral

All SlimTraktm products contain the exclusive Venture Research sensor technology that provides reader proximity triggering, directionality, power sensing, and a full 1 watt GEN2 UHF RFID reader with a full complement of additional plug in options. Options include biometrics, card reader, HF badge reading, camera, counter modules, annunciators, environmental sensors such as humidity, temperature, multimedia playback and full I/O configurability to enable door locks, alarms, indicators and any other configuration for a full sensory environment at the read point. Sensing and driving of any of the peripherals can be controlled completely within the reader or managed externally with the full communications package available in the portal.

Fully Intelligent Reader

Along with sensor management, in the same 1.5" deep unit, a full Windows XP or Linux computer with touch screen can be included to allow user interaction or multi media presentations at the portal. Direct interfacing to Enterprise systems such as SAP, ERP or WMS systems are now possible, eliminating the need for expensive middleware and additional peripheral computers.

The Most Extensive Communications Package

SlimTraktm includes a number of options for communications with the portal including POE (Power over Ethernet) direct connect, Wifi, GSM or WIMAX. Additionally a serial port is provided for local direct connect. Bluetooth close proximity interaction is available as an option. All these options are integral to the portal and do not require any additional external components to facilitate these options. The simple Telnet based interface allows quick setup and configuration of all the portal reader, sensor and communication options through any of the communication interfaces. Firmware upgrades can be performed over the Ethernet / Internet allowing remote management of the portal.

Ruggedized Construction

The SlimTraktm series is packaged in a single continuous extruded sleeve and is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments where the portal will come into contact with the elements. Special configurations are available for outdoor kiosk operation with the optional integrated touch screen. The exclusive composite material interior protects the reader and internal components from shock and vibration and the single part extruded sleeve provides the utmost in penetration and tamper protection.

Power Management

The portal can be powered using POE (Power over Ethernet) and by special low power design of the components, achieves a full 1 watt of RF power for the most demanding applications. Along with the reader, the POE power management can also control the specially designed stack light, proximity sensors, and counter modules for the utmost in convenience. In wireless configurations, the unit can be powered with a single 12V power source providing quick setup and usage. For special mobile applications the portal can be purchased with an integrated Lithium Ion battery supply with internal charger that allows the unit to be set up anywhere without any connection to any power or cabled networking.

Ready for the Cloud

With its full communication complement and specially designed store and forward queueing, the SlimTraktm system is capable of performing RFID read, sensor collection and filtering, and deliver the results to a customer provided web service or secure socket directly. As device management is handled in the reader, polling protocols and excessive network traffic are eliminated. A SlimTraktm configured with GSM can be deployed in any environment, deliver transactions to a remote repository and not require any local IT interfacing. Venture Research maintains a transaction repository that collects remote transactions from intelligent SlimTraktm and GSM enabled RFID handhelds from installations worldwide.

See the Portal at RFID Journal Live - Booth 103

Venture Research will be demonstrating the fully intelligent portal / reader solution with integral touch screen computer at RFID Journal Live in Orlando, Florida on April 15-16th and will be giving away a free RF power sensor at the booth to anyone that asks about the SlimTraktm

About Venture Research Inc.
For 14 years, Venture Research Inc. has been providing end to end solutions for customers in the area of supply chain automation with specialization in RFID. The Company's products and services have been deployed in over 400 installations in 28 countries on 6 continents. Venture Research has provided state of the art solutions to the Aerospace, Document Tracking, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, Security, Retail, Rail, Asset and specialty tracking industries and has been an industry consultant related to the technology, processes and methodology to embed RFID in existing processes. With the ability to use best of breed hardware and software as a system integrator but supplement that with a full hardware design and fabrication capability, Venture Research can take on the most challenging of engagements. For the last 2 years, Venture Research has been pioneering intelligent, autonomous readers and sensors with special consideration for "Cloud" computing and has developed a suite of enterprise software products that are being used by tier 1 customers world wide to manage their critical assets. The Company also provides patented, ruggedized dock portal and conveyor tunnel solutions suitable for very hazardous and environmentally unfriendly installations. Venture Research has acted as a validation house for all the major RFID reader, peripheral, hand held and tag providers and performs advanced research and development on antennas, infrastructure, tag placement and operational best practices using RFID enabled technology. Contact Venture Research at 866-RFID-111, 469-246-4000 or visit their web site at .

SOURCE: Venture Research

Click Here To Download:
Datasheet: SlimTrak Intelligent UHF RFID Portal / Reader With Integrated Computer