White Paper

White Paper: UHF Gen 2: The Definitive, Myth-Busting, Item-Level Solution

Source: Impinj, Inc.

Bringing the benefits of UHF Gen 2 to item-level tagging enables a single, worldwide RFID infrastructure

RFID has been around a long time. But things have changed rapidly in the last two years, and new opportunities abound. Older formats use relatively low frequencies, whereas a resurgence of interest in RFID has attended the use of ultrahigh frequencies (UHF). This technology has made operation over phenomenally long ranges possible, opening up entirely new applications in supply chain management.

The question is can long- and short-range operation coexist? Certainly there are applications in which one or the other must dominate. The answer is a resounding yes: for the first time, and enabled by the physics of RF propagation at UHF, RFID tags can be made to serve multiple masters.