Datasheet | January 25, 2010

Datasheet: UA1000i UHF RFID Appliance

The UA1000i is an industrial grade RFID appliance with advanced integrated software capabilities supporting the UHF RFID standard. The system includes an integrated antenna and is packaged in a compact form factor. The UA1000i is different than any other RFID reader on the market as it reduces total RFID system cost by integrating software and hardware typically required for a full solution directly into the appliance. This means fewer vendors to deal with, less time to deploy, no trade offs vs. barcodes, and lower RFID implementation risk.

The UA1000i has advanced integrated intelligence and requires no customer software for operation or setup. It is designed to help customers monitor case, pallet, or item-level data and is also ideal for access control and asset tracking. The UA1000i uses UHF technology and supports EPC Class 1 Gen 2 tags. Read range can be configured from six inches to 12 feet. The software enables rapid installation and the appliance is often a drop-in replacement for barcode scanners. Element ID offers a total system approach to reduce cost and risk, enhance flexibility and performance, and increase ROI.

Installation and set-up are quick and easy using a web-browser-based interface that gives integrators and end-users the ability to install and customize the UA1000i with minimal technical expertise. The UA1000i reader offers a wide range of selectable parameters and a highly configurable host interface called AnyHost™ that accelerates set-up time, eases barcode-to-RFID transitions, and greatly increases compatibility with existing infrastructure to reduce RFID implementation risk.

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