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TMRW Life Sciences Expands Network Of State-Of-The-Art Cryostorage Facilities For Frozen Sperm, Eggs And Embryos In Colorado

  • TMRW Biorepositories are the Only Fertility Cryostorage Facilities in the United States Offering Digital Specimen Management, RFID Tracking, ISO Certification & Automated Storage – Reducing Potential Points of Failure by 94%
  • Inaugural Colorado Biorepository Partners Include Leading Fertility Networks CCRM Fertility & Pinnacle Fertility

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - TMRW Life Sciences, Inc. (TMRW), creator of the only FDA-cleared automated specimen management and storage platform for frozen human sperm, eggs and embryos, today announced the opening of a state-of-the-art cryostorage facility in Colorado. The biorepository in Boulder is TMRW's second location alongside one in New York City in a growing network of offsite cryostorage offerings that use the world's first automated platforms for the safe management and storage of frozen specimens.

More than 5 million frozen eggs and embryos are now stored at fertility clinics around the United States in legacy biorepositories using antiquated systems prone to human error. Fertility clinics are running out of space and in need of digital specimen management and offsite storage solutions to reduce operational inefficiencies as well as the risks of mix-ups, errors, loss, and lawsuits.

However, the traditional offsite storage model no longer works for modern fertility clinics. TMRW is different by design with a fully integrated digital platform that reduces paperwork, improves operational efficiencies, provides real time specimen visibility, and supports the clinic-patient relationship. TMRW's systems use some of the most important improvements in cryostorage of the 21st century, including RFID-enabled tracking and tracing, EMR integration, digital chain of custody and audit trails, and coordination with lab witnessing products.

TMRW's inaugural partners at the new biorepository in Boulder include two of the nation's leading fertility clinic networks, CCRM Fertility and Pinnacle Fertility.

"At Pinnacle Fertility, we prioritize the safety and success of our patients' fertility journeys, and TMRW's advanced technology, operational capabilities, and dedication to reducing potential points of failure provide an unprecedented level of security and reliability for our patients," shares Beth Zoneraich, CEO of Pinnacle Fertility. "TMRW has been an exceptional partner, seamlessly integrating their innovative technology into our platform, elevating the service and care we provide to our patients."

"From the team to the technology to the operations, TMRW's biorepository is impressive and unparalleled in our field," said William Schoolcraft, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CCRM Fertility. "I encourage every lab director to experience first-hand TMRW's evolved inventory management and storage offerings."

"With more than 250,000 specimens under management and growth expected to continue doubling every year, TMRW's expansion into Colorado and beyond is fueled by high demand from patients and clinics alike," said Louis Villaba, Chief Executive Officer at TMRW.

"TMRW's embryology teams, including those onsite at our biorepositories and onsite in clinics digitizing legacy inventories, have 180+ years of combined embryology, andrology and/or lab experience," said Lori Batta, Chief Operating Officer at TMRW. "They work in lock-step with our fertility clinic partners as an extension of their labs managing short- and long-term storage needs with a logistics operation built to meet the dynamic nature of IVF cycles."

The Boulder facility has around-the-clock monitoring from TMRW's Overwatch system, which provides tens of thousands of daily checks with remote monitoring that alerts TMRW's dedicated team well before any problems might arise. TMRW selected Boulder for its low risk of earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and natural disasters. It is also an easy transportation hub in a state with strong legislative and judicial support for reproductive rights.

"Shipping eggs, sperm and embryos to offsite storage facilities is a routine and remarkably safe aspect of fertility care," said Michael Collins, Executive Director, Scientific Affairs & Clinical Development at TMRW. "The addition of continuous telemetry with TMRW improves specimen safety by proactively identifying and mitigating any environmental excursion that may damage or harm specimens."

TMRW's digital platform offers leading data security measures. TMRW's software is HIPAA compliant and offers military-grade security, SOC II compliance, and ISO 27001 / 27018 / 13485 and HITRUST certifications.

Now partnered with more than 60 leading fertility clinics and networks in the United States and United Kingdom, TMRW is rapidly becoming the new standard of care.

About TMRW Life Sciences
Founded in 2018, TMRW Life Sciences, Inc., is a fertility technology company digitizing the IVF lab starting with the world's first and only automated platforms for the safe management and storage of frozen sperm, eggs and embryos. For the first time, frozen specimens can be digitally identified and tracked, safely managed with automated robotics, and remotely monitored around the clock. TMRW's next-generation technology platforms set a new standard of care, reducing potential points of failure by 94% compared to manual systems. TMRW delivers peace of mind by helping reduce the risk of specimen mix-up, damage, or loss. Named Fast Company's #1 Most Innovative Biotech company in 2022, TMRW has been adopted by leading clinics across the United States and United Kingdom.

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