News | July 7, 2020

Third Indicator: Secure Identification Of Vehicles

Tax breaks, car thefts, security risks - improperly registered vehicles cause great damage worldwide. Effective measures to deter and detect fraud and abuse more quickly are required. Schreiner PrinTrust has developed a security label for the windshield. It is equipped with NFC and UHF-RFID as well as security features and guarantees secure authentication as a third indicator.

Classic metal license plates can easily be stolen, copied and used without authorization. The third license plate from Schreiner PrinTrust is used to complement these license plates on the front and rear of the vehicle. It is a security label and is located on the inside of the windshield in the protected vehicle interior and is therefore protected against theft and manipulation. It carries the vehicle data issued by the registration authority. It also offers protection mechanisms against manipulation and counterfeiting. In this way, the proof of approval is secured against unauthorized access.

Additional RFID function
The third license plate can also be equipped with RFID. In addition to the registration data, individual information can be stored on the chip and read out without contact. This means that additional applications such as parking or tolling are also possible. UHF-RFID with a long range is used for this.

A particularly innovative solution is the combination of UHF for long ranges and NFC for readability from a short distance with the mobile phone, which Schreiner PrinTrust developed for DKT (Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik GmbH). Two chips are used in parallel in this label: UHF-RFID and NFC.

Functionality and security with the ((rfid)) - 3rd License Plate Hybrid UHF + HF In
addition to secure vehicle number plates, DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik GmbH supplies smart solutions for vehicle registration and identification as well as traffic control systems and innovative traffic safety concepts. In the area of ​​vehicle identification, DKT relies on the third license plate from Schreiner PrinTrust:

The new ((rfid)) - 3rd License Plate Hybrid UHF + HF, with its combination of the two technologies RFID UHF and RFID HF / NFC in a security label (hybrid license plate), ensures particularly high flexibility in unambiguous vehicle identification and enables the supervisory authorities entirely new possibilities in vehicle monitoring.

The integrated UHF-RFID technology enables data to be read out from several meters away while traffic is flowing. The ((rfid)) - 3rd license plates are read out by special readers as they drive past and compared with the database in real time. Among other things, the status such as "correct registration", "tax paid" or even "theft" are queried. This information can be displayed using the latest traffic technology or made available to the local police for inspection with mobile solutions.

Further possibilities arise from the HF technology in the form of an NFC chip, which is additionally integrated in the third identifier. This means that vehicles can now be checked using standard smartphones. Almost all current smartphone devices have an NFC reader and thus enable numerous new applications, through innovative apps with the corresponding approval by the authorities or licensors.
"The vehicle data that are recorded during registration and in vehicle operation are becoming increasingly important, be it in vehicle inspections, accidents or in the periodic technical vehicle inspection," says Managing Director Bernhard Gött. "With the combined UHF RFID and NFC functions in the third license plate behind the windshield, this data can be read in various ways and compared with the vehicle database of the respective country. This ensures greater safety in vehicle registration, on the road and high flexibility in checking. "

diversity through central databases In addition to the official security applications, other areas of application such as access or toll controls can also be used. The double solution creates flexibility in the application, use and availability of vehicle data. An extensive vehicle database is available as the central medium for data processing. Such a central database and reading out the data in real time offer the advantage that the same information is always available to the various institutions and users such as insurance companies, tax authorities, banks or inspection organizations, but also to the local police or regulatory agencies, in real time.

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With the ((rfid)) - 3rd License Plate Hybrid UHF + HF, the vehicle data can either be read remotely and in flowing traffic with an RFID reader or from nearby using smartphone apps. The reading in flowing traffic brings more transparency through the clear vehicle detection, for example in the area of ​​crime and terrorism protection. Reading with a smartphone, on the other hand, reduces complexity and expands the possible uses because there is no need to purchase a reader.

Source: Schreiner Group