White Paper

White Paper: The Intelleflex XC3 Technology Platform: An Implementation Of The New ISO Class 3 Standard

Source: Intelleflex Corporation

With the recent approval of the ISO 18000-6C Class 3 standard, a new category of RFID technology has been launched; providing new levels of visibility, enabling new applications and opening new markets. This newly standardized category is called Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID. In a nutshell, BAP RFID combines the best features of both passive and active RFID. Building on the successful EPC C1G2 passive RFID standard's relatively simple, low power communications protocol, the new BAP Class 3 standard enables capabilities previously only available with active RFID; long read ranges in excess of 100 meters, reliable performance in RF challenging environments and support for sensors - all at a compelling price point.

Intelleflex has led the development of BAP RFID technology and the development of the ISO 18000-6C Class 3 standard. Intelleflex continues its market leadership in releasing its new XC3 BAP technology platform, the first dual protocol product set supporting the new ISO 18000-6C Class 3 standard and the existing EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 Standard. Intelleflex new XC3 technology platform consists of chips, tags, reader modules, fixed readers and mobile readers. This white paper explores the benefits of Intelleflex new XC3 technology followed by a technical discussion of the new ISO 18000-6C BAP Class 3 standard on which it is based.