White Paper

White Paper: The IDZ Difference: Why The Native Approach Works

Source: IDZ Technologies Inc.

IDZ Technologies, an inventory, tool, and equipment management technology provider to the aerospace industry, has been utilizing its unique Native™ approach to problem solving for the past six years. Providing solutions to operational processes through an intimate understanding of each client's problems is key to how IDZ approaches each challenge. The Native™ approach,referencing how solutions originate from real customer problems, is a problem solving technique that ensures that real problems in the aerospace industry are solved in the best way possible.

Problems such as how to automated the check-out and check-in process for tools and equipment has been attempted by the commercial sector. IDZ representatives wanted to know why commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies have not been successful in aerospace. Driving to provide lasting solutions, IDZ developed the problem solving methodology to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

While customer satisfaction was at the core of IDZ's unique methodology, developing a partnership between the technology provider and developer and customers at all levels is critical to achieve successful technology integration. Most COTS technologies are developed in labs, far away from future customers. Aerospace customers cannot afford to use their processes as testing grounds for new technologies. This has led to low-tech and man-power intensive process controls to manage highly technical and ever-evolving aircraft technologies.