News | February 25, 2019

SuiteRetail And Stripe Deliver In-Person Payments At The Point Of Sale

SuitePOS, a single POS app that enables retailers to provide multiple in-store checkout options, is now works with Stripe to simplify in-person payments and hardware, increase performance, and lower processing costs.

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) - SuiteRetail, the makers of SuitePOS for NetSuite and Salesforce, has integrated with Stripe to offer a modern and simplified payment processing alternative to traditional merchant processing.

Using SuitePOS and Stripe, mid-market and enterprise retailers running on NetSuite (or Salesforce) receive many benefits, including:

  • Online processor and store setup, instead of filling out complex forms, looping through approval processes, and reading confusing contracts.
  • Stripe Terminal hardware supporting high-volume brick-and-mortar and mobile storefronts.
  • Support for Magnetic Stripe, EMV Chip, and contactless (including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay) transactions, so customers can pay in any way they prefer.
  • Super-fast and secure End-to-End payment processing. Credit cards process up to three times quicker than traditional gateways.
  • Competitive custom rates for larger retailers.

Jeff Schneider, Co-Founder and Sales Director for SuiteRetail, says “It’s important to provide modern, End-to-End payment processing options for our customers. SuiteRetail merchants can now seek competitive rates from several supported processors, and in some cases, the savings of abandoning their legacy processors will pay entirely for the SuitePOS subscription. It’s the “gift that keeps on giving” and should be looked at seriously”.

SuitePOS improves point-of-sale capabilities by using a single app for multiple check-out purposes (fixed-lane, mobile and clienteling/endless aisle). Together with modern payment processing and out-of-the-box integration to major business platforms, such as NetSuite or Salesforce, retailers can simplify in-store operations, improve the shopper experience and ultimately increase the revenue per square foot of retail space.

See SuitePOS and Stripe in action

For more information about how SuitePOS works with Stripe, Contact SuiteRetail.

About SuiteRetail
SuiteRetail makes retailers successful by reimagining the in-store POS dynamics and replacing it with simplicity, flexibility, accuracy, out-of-the-box integration and speed. SuiteRetail’s flagship product, SuitePOS, is a user-friendly and intuitive Apple-based point of sale solution. With SuitePOS, employees ring up sales quickly using familiar devices. The transactions flow seamlessly into NetSuite (that can run your entire business), or Salesforce (that isolates the POS system for integration into any WMS or financial system). Pioneering a “No Database” architectural approach to the app means no risky and expensive integration is required. This has the effect of moving complexity away from the store, to the back-office where the entire solution is managed. SuitePOS increases customer satisfaction, delivers higher revenue and lowers cost.

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