News | April 14, 2011

Stratum Global Announces Newest Release To RFID Asset Track Family Of Solutions

Source: Stratum Global

Stratum Global is pleased to announce its newest release for RFID Inspection Reporting. With this new release, Inspection Reporting supports scheduled inspections as well as ticket-based inspect & repair operations integrated into existing enterprise systems. This enables multiple users to inspect assets in the field based on assignments in a Work Order Scheduling Module., Inspection Reporting is a highly flexible rules-based workflow application that enables mobile electronic inspection of any object, anywhere and at any time. Inspection Reporting eliminates pad and paper methods and double entry of inspection data therefore saving time and reducing errors while gaining efficiencies in all areas. Enforcing consistency and discipline via user defined Inspection ‘Templates' reduces time for scheduled inspections and provides for more reliable information to improve operational asset utilization and cost savings.

"Timely inspection and maintenance of capital assets is crucial to most businesses today. Whether assets are in your IT facility or in the middle of nowhere, the process is often manual and is typically a difficult and labor intensive effort for most organizations." Alan Christensen, CTO of Stratum Global said. "Having an RFID solution that provides asset identification, location management, Geiger counter locating and inspection reporting for maintaining those assets can drive significant resource savings to the bottom line."

The rules engine resides on a Server and enables the user to configure a very specific workflow of questions (referred to as ‘prompts') for an inspector to act upon when inspecting an object. These prompts enable a decision tree that based upon a response to a given prompt, will trigger further questions which in turn can eventually invoke an action such as instructing the onboard camera to take a picture or sending an email alert or SMS message to a supervisor or alike. Inspection Reporting's advanced features such as GPS & Google based locating with real-time mapping when deployed to an RFID handheld reader that supports a GPS card as well as Cellular data access capability.

Inspection Reporting on a RFID hand held reader operates with a cradle or Wi-Fi, provides a robust Asset Master with user defined categorization, product master and (5) level location management matrix and synchronizes with the TagNet Object repository that can then be synced with Enterprise GIS, Asset Management, MMS or Inventory System.

About Stratum Global
Stratum Global is a software solutions company that develops and markets TagNet, a release supported, platform agnostic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution suite. Stratum Global's sole business is RFID. Stratum Global or one of our Certified Partners provide complete implementation services including site surveys, hardware installation, enterprise integration, RFID tags, education and mentoring to support your total RFID solution. Regardless of your RFID initiatives, invest incrementally – scale your RFID solution as your business needs to. "Start Small, Think Big."

SOURCE: Stratum Global