News | February 11, 2013

STOA Deploys RFID-Based Vehicle Tracking, Trip Validation And Order Completion


Essen RFID, a Mumbai-based RFID hardware manufacturer, has deployed a high-level RFID vehicle tracking system for the Sundargarh Truck Owners’ Association (STOA).

Comprising of more than 2,000 truck owners and managing a fleet of more than 4,500 tucks, STOA provides coal transportation from the coal mines to the mines’ client industries located in eastern Orissa. The association’s purpose is to provide an equal number of trips to each truck without any bias or favor to any association member.

For this project, Essen’s Xtenna RFID antenna-readers are installed at source and destination points along with one Xtenna antenna-reader at the numbering point. A RFID tag “PARKA” is issued to each truck and affixed to its windshield. The RFID tags are registered into the database using an Xtenna Proximity Reader. The RFID enabled Vehicle Tracking System uses MS SQL Server for storing data, while the application software has been developed using .NET.

The complete Essen RFID automated system provides accurate vehicle tracking and prevents double numbering and efficiently allocates an equal number of trips to each truck. The system is transparent and neutral, and promotes both efficiency as well as harmony amongst association members.