News | September 27, 2017

STAR Systems International Announces Availability Of Avior Tolling Antenna

Hong Kong /PRNewswire/ - STAR Systems International, a RFID Hardware, Tag and Professional Services provider, announced today the availability of its new high-performance AVIOR narrow beam tolling antenna. Avior was developed, designed and built to be an ideal over-the-road tolling antenna for all Electronic Tolling systems using passive tags.

With its uniquely engineered design, Avior allows system designers to create an optimal read zone in either a Multi-Lane Free Flow/Open Road or in a Plaza-Based Tolling Lane.

Toll operators using passive tags need dependable and focused antennas to maximize read rates and the accuracy of automatic transactions. Avior was created specifically with the toll operator in mind.

With its powerful and focused narrow beam, Avior maximizes read rates and isolates tag identification to the desired read zone. This helps avoid cross-lane and stray transponder reads, and mitigates adjacent lane interference.

Avior's compact footprint and reduced weight is unique in the market compared to other similarly featured competitive products. This reduced size allows for a more efficient and safer installation over roads. From a cost standpoint, its compact size reduces shipping and storage costs while making installation easier.

Avior has a wideband frequency design allowing it to operate in the 865 – 928 MHz range, which makes it applicable for use around the globe. Built from heavy-duty aluminum with a weather resistant housing, Avior is meant to last for years in the harshest of roadside environments.

For serious tolling applications, Avior ensures you are getting the utmost performance from your readers and transponders.

Avior is available now from STAR Systems International and its authorized distribution network.

Key Product Features Include:

  • Expansive Coverage: Multi-Lane Free Flow/ORT and Divided Lanes
  • Efficient: Maximized read rates
  • Reduced Interference: Isolated to desired read zone
  • Cost Efficient: Smaller, compact and lighter weight
  • Global: Can be used in any country
  • Long-lasting: Suitable for harshest roadside environments

About STAR Systems International
STAR Systems International is a market leader in providing passive ISO 18000-63 (6C) UHF RFID transponders, readers, solutions and consulting services for Auto ID & Vehicle Identification Systems. STAR Systems leverages technical implementation expertise, training and support to ensure customer success. "Your Success Is Our Vision". Our focus on making Radio Frequency ID work for Logistics, Fleet Management, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Parking and Secured Access Control applications enable our customers to deliver high-performance and reliable integrated solutions. For more information on STAR Systems, visit

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