News | May 3, 2022

Socket Mobile S550 Cordless NFC Reader Is First To Receive NFC Forum Certification

Newark, CA /PRNewswire/ - Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to announce that its NFC reader/writer, the S550, is the first cordless reader to achieve CR12 certification from the NFC Forum Certification Program. NFC Forum certification ensures that the S550 can read all NFC Forum compliant tags which number in the billions.

"Achieving NFC Forum certification is a key milestone in the NFC journey, as it guarantees reader/tag compatibility in a highly secure but complex NFC ecosystem. The combination of Socket's NFC hardware and CaptureSDK tools, enables our application partners to avoid the complexity and focus on using NFC data to enhance their application. Our application partners will now have the ability to support a host of NFC centric interactions, such as the tap of a phone with a mobile driver's license for fast, simple and secure electronic age verification, replacing the time consuming and unreliable visual verification system mostly used today," said Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile.

"NFC Forum Certification demonstrates to customers, consumers and partners that a company values product quality and improving the customer experience. The rigorous testing and validation certifies interoperability and performance of all the key components in the NFC eco-system and is fundamental to ensuring consumers enjoy a seamless and trouble free NFC experience when using NFC tags, readers and mobile phones," said Mike McCamon, Executive Director of the NFC Forum. "Congratulations to Socket Mobile for completing the NFC Reader Device CR12 Certification, and in being the first cordless NFC Reader to do so".

Built for easy and painless integration into apps, the S550 is Apple Pay, Google Pay and now NFC Forum certified and is the ideal reader for numerous loyalty, closed loop payments, age verification via mDL or vaccine passport systems. Socket Mobile's mission is to remove complexity and its application partners can use these new capabilities to their advantage in order to enhance the consumer experience. Socket continues to deliver exceptional data capture hardware and software tools for its business application partners, including Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK. CaptureSDK provides Socket partners with reliable and consistent data capture performance, enabling the featured application to focus on the productivity of their solution and enhance the overall customer experience. Implementing CaptureSDK allows application providers to utilize Socket Mobile's entire family of data capture devices (barcode, RFID or NFC reader/writers) interchangeably and select the right device for each customers' requirements.

Socket Mobile's NFC Forum Certified NFC reader/writer is available today on Socket's webstore at and through Socket Mobile's distribution partners. MSRP is $269, and registered app developers can get a discount through the Socket Mobile developer portal.

Source: Socket Mobile, Inc.

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