News | July 14, 2022

Securing Every Checkout: Nedap Launches iSenseGo

Groenlo (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Nedap, the global leader in RFID solutions, has today announced the launch of iSenseGo, a suite of solutions that enables grocery, health and beauty retailers to secure every form of checkout.

iSenseGo allows retailers to offer fast and frictionless checkouts without uncontrollable shrinkage levels. The suite of solutions consists of labels, deactivation, EAS and a data analytics platform that all work together so retailers can offer the checkout experience their shoppers want, without compromising on security.

"New retail experiences like 10-minute grocery delivery apps or 'checkout-free' store concepts, in combination with radically different lifestyle and working patterns, have changed the way we shop," said Robin van Stenis, Global Marketing Director. "Shoppers now seek to experience the same fast and frictionless checkouts they do online when visiting physical stores. Focusing on self-service and the speed of checkout can meet these expectations, but it can come at a high cost. Studies have shown that stores with self-checkout options are experiencing double the shrinkage levels that traditional checkout stores have.

"We envision a world where technology leads to zero waste and no losses for retailers," concludes Robin van Stenis. "This means innovation is key. By focusing on four key loss prevention areas, preventing theft does not have to be in conflict with a seamless shopping experience. It's about putting the needs of the shopper first, and then looking at technology and data to protect retailers from theft."

To learn how retailers and brands can improve their checkout experience with Nedap iSenseGo, download the solution brief here (

About Nedap Retail
Nedap is the global leader in RFID-based retail solutions with over 10,000 stores connected to its iD Cloud platform. Nedap helps retailers achieve perfect inventory visibility, with zero waste and no losses. iD Cloud simplifies the multi-store retail and supply chain management using RFID and gives retailers real-time item-level insights into their stock levels and the exact location of each item. Using these real-time insights, retailers can be more agile, offer customers a better omnichannel shopping experience, and increase sales.

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