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Scan LF, HF, UHF RFID Tags And 1D/2D Barcodes With A Single Device

Balluff's New Mobile Handheld Scanners Add Flexibility to Traceability Tasks

Florence, KY /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - The new wireless handheld RFID scanner from Balluff delivers the benefit of reading/writing RFID tags – using LF, HF, or UHF frequencies – as well as 1D/2D barcode reading and an NFC antenna in the familiar shape of a smartphone device.

Users can choose from three base units and a variety of read/write heads and antennas. This modular design allows users to build a handheld scanner to meet their specific application requirements:

Choose a base unit from three variants:

  • With 1D / 2D barcode scanner, camera & NFC antenna (13.56 MHz)
  • With 1D / 2D barcode scanner & camera, but without NFC
  • Without barcode scanner, camera, or NFC

For LF and HF
Choose a plug-in antenna module:

  • BIS C version for LF (70/455 kHz)
  • BIS M/L version for HF (13.56 MHz and 125 kHz)

Choose a read/write head from Balluff's portfolio:

  • Size selection: M30, M18 and M12 or special sizes
  • Industry ISO15693 and ISO14443 standard

Choose a UHF read/write module with a built-in read/write head:

  • Variants for EU (865 - 868 MHz) and US (902 - 928 MHz) frequency ranges
  • Components comply with the global ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen2 Class1 standards

The NFC-capable devices can read some tags without needing any RFID antenna.

The devices run on the Android operating system, have a 5-inch touchscreen color display, and come with a built-in app that can be used right out of the box or configured to meet specific requirements. Balluff provides the API and all the hooks needed for an in-house designed application. They are charged using a charging cradle which, along with spare batteries, are sold separately.

These new Balluff BIS V RFID handhelds provide a more flexible tool for manual processes including inventory and warehouse management, quality control, and service and maintenance work. And the swappable antennas allow them to be a complementary counterpart to any Balluff fixed RFID reader or scanner.

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