News | January 28, 2004

SAMSys Technologies Provides RFID Readers And Integration Support For Microsoft Business Solutions Supply Chain Management Pilot Trial In Denmark

Source: Microsoft Business Solutions

SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SMY:TSX-VEN) ("SAMSys"), working with Microsoft Business Solutions, today announced the successful completion of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) supported trial at KiMs' crisp factory near Søndersø in Denmark.

Under the terms of this partnership, SAMSys provided RFID consultancy, application experience, and all the UHF readers for use in the RFID trial at this factory. KiMs manufactures crisps and similar products using a fully automated continuous process. The final stage of manufacturing involves transport by forklift of large, shrink-wrapped pallets of crisps within the factory prior to shipping. Seventy percent (70.000 pallets) of KiMs products are shipped to customers via a third party warehouse and the remainder are shipped directly. The existing barcode controls provided inadequate information for efficient automatic product tracking in terms of where, when and to whom the products were shipped.

The SAMSys engineering team evaluated KiMs' production cycle and barcode system and designed and supervised the installation of the hardware side of a UHF RFID pallet tracking system within the finished goods area of the KiMs factory. The data from the SAMSys reader feeds directly into Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta; the result of which is accurate product tracking and information sharing across the supply chain.

"The Microsoft RFID project at KiMs is a critical trial, demonstrating both the maturity of UHF RFID technology in a real world environment and the ability of complementary companies to bring together the different elements of the RFID system solution in a timely and effective manner," stated Cliff Horwitz, founder and CEO of SAMSys Technologies, "We were pleased with the pace at which the project was implemented and believe the same rapid implementation can occur on future projects with retailers and manufacturers in Europe and North America."

SAMSys' comprehensive line of RFID readers supports a broad range of protocols and standards, ensuring the ongoing performance of the overall RFID hardware infrastructure. Their agile readers are designed to interrogate large populations of RFID tags, through innovative reader architectures. SAMSys has played an active role in setting new industry benchmarks and has consistently supported an RFID adoption strategy based on open architectures and established standards.

"We think RFID will play an important role in future supply chain management automation for manufacturers and distributors," said Bjarne Schøn, director of supply chain management, Microsoft Business Solutions. "SAMSys, with their RFID expertise, has been a strong partner in helping us bring this vision to life in a real-world environment at KiMs. They have been a significant contributor to the overall project."

"The SAMSys team did a great job for us on the project," says Jorn Tolstrup, CEO of KiMs. "They surveyed our facility, made their technical recommendations, installed their equipment, and worked through the integration challenges in a straight forward manner. All the companies on the project including Microsoft, Philips, Avery Dennison and SAMSys delivered what they promised. The project has shown KiMs how RFID can greatly increase supply chain efficiency, placing KiMs at the forefront of the new technology."

The KiMs trial project successfully demonstrated a real world application of RFID in the supply chain. SAMSys is prepared to provide this proven solution on future projects with other retailers and manufacturers in Europe and North America.

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