News | December 3, 2007

RTLS: Ubisense And Intelligentz Team To Deliver CartMotion For Retail

Intelligentz Corporation and Ubisense have partnered to deliver a revolutionary solution for retail stores. The CartMotion product combines Ubisense's precise real-time location system (RTLS) with Intelligentz's analytical engine. The valuable data provided on consumer behavior, conversion rate and asset management enables retailers to improve sales conversion, productivity and customer service.

"The CartMotion application required a RTLS provider that could deliver a precise location system that supported our analytical engine" said Jerry Flores, Vice President of Business Development for Intelligentz Corporation. "With RTLS, CartMotion is able to capture accurate data movement within six inches of a cart's exact location."

For the first time in the retail industry, CartMotion provides valuable data to both retailers and manufacturers. The system delivers detailed data on consumers' shopping behaviors throughout the retail environment including: consumer shopping patterns, wait times, traffic counts by category, time spent in each category, retail conversion rates and asset management. The Ubisense sensors are discreetly positioned around the store perimeter and once installed may be employed to also track other items as the need arises.

SOURCE: Intelligentz Corporation and Ubisense