Guest Column | August 20, 2009

Guest Column: How To Turbo Charge Your Return On Investment With Industrial Vending Machines

By Steve Pixley, CEO, AutoCrib Inc.

Each year companies waste millions of dollars on tools, indirect materials, and supplies. To cut these costs manufacturers have to move beyond mere purchasing efficiency. They must track and manage the issue, which is individual usage and return of tools and other indirect materials on the plant or shop floor.

Increasing global competitiveness has driven companies to pay much more attention to the costs of indirect supplies in their plants or manufacturing environments. Industrial vending is being widely adopted because it's relatively easy to implement and the cost savings are siginificant.

Industrial vending has been the solution for thousands of companies around the globe including Boeing, Northrop, Harley-Davidson, TRW, Honda and Toyota. Small and medium-sized manufacturers and job shops have also achieved exceptional results. Any company that wants to cut costs or has a lean initiative is a good candidate for industrial vending.

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