News | August 7, 2008

SmartBUS(TM) From Agilis Systems Tracks School Buses For Increased Productivity, Efficiency And Safety

Agilis Systems, a growing Mobile Resource Management (MRM) software solutions provider, announced the development of SmartBUS(TM), a solution that allows for the tracking of school buses using GPS technology. SmartBUS enables school transportation offices to locate precisely where all of their buses are while transporting students, plus gives drivers the ability to alert the school in case of an emergency.

GPS technology enables schools to pinpoint the location of drivers on a detailed, web-based map. The schools' dispatch and IT support staff have access to SmartBUS data on their mobile devices and office computers. Because the technology is web-based, there is no need to individually load software on every computer or device.

"SmartBUS technology increases productivity and oversight, improves communication between schools and drivers, and helps reduce traffic offenses through the ability to track driver location and speed," says Agilis Systems CEO Dan Huber. "It takes management of this resource to a new level of efficiency for schools."

In addition to increased efficiency, SmartBUS enables quicker communication and response in case of an emergency. Drivers can use SOS alert technology as well as free non-SMS messaging to communicate with the school. This enables schools to communicate more efficiently and quickly with parents in the event of an emergency. SmartBUS offers many other features and benefits, including:

  • Electronic mobile time cards for driver clock in/out, which decreases paperwork and increases productivity with better real-time and historical oversight;
  • Bus inspections using electronic mobile forms, increasing vehicle safety;
  • Vehicle maintenance reports and alerts with maintenance reminders such as oil changes and tire rotation, which reduces wear and tear on vehicles and cuts downtime due to break downs;
  • Speeding and idle alerts, which reduces traffic offences and saves on fuel consumption;
  • Verification of timesheets and mileage, saving on payroll and reimbursements.

In addition to its baseline technology, SmartBUS has several optional features, including student ID barcode scanning, the ability to interface with the school's existing routing system, and alerts to parents notifying them of information such as pickup and dropoff times via phone, email or text message.

For more information, a return-on-investment analysis, or a product demonstration, contact Agilis Systems at 877-244-5479.

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