News | October 15, 2010

RFID Technology Making Big Impact In The Hospital Laundry Sector

Over 200 nursing homes are now benefiting from RFID track and trace solutions from TAGSYS and Dreamydress

TAGSYS, the leading provider of item-level RFID infrastructure (radio frequency identification), and its Italian integrator partner Dreamydress, recently announced they have deployed their RFID solutions for the laundry market in more than 200 nursing homes in France and Italy over the past two years. Dreamydress is experiencing significant success in installing its ‘powered by TAGSYS RFID' equipment for the tracking and traceability of employee workwear and personal garments of nursing home residents.

Managing patients' garments and institutional linens has become a real issue for laundries and nursing homes. From soil collection to the restitution of clean items to the appropriate patient, service or department, manual handling of textile products and the lack of reliable identifiers often leads to errors in the distribution process and productivity losses for employees having to spend more time sorting and searching for items rather than caring for patients' needs.

In response, Dreamydress had designed a powerful infrastructure powered by TAGSYS' RFID technology to efficiently and precisely track and trace textile products all along their maintenance, management and distribution process cycle and ensure their subsequent return to the rightful owners.

Each piece of garment or linen is identified and linked to the patient lot or establishment using a button-shaped RFID tag from TAGSYS (Ario 370 L-DL) directly sewed onto the item. Laundries collect soiled textiles from the various medical facilities they serve, and launder them together. With Dreamydress' RFID solution, clean items are automatically sorted by establishment, floor and room and accurately delivered to the right patient or service.

The RFID infrastructure from TAGSYS and Dreamydress includes tunnel readers for rapid soil check-in and clean check-out, a smart shelving system with LEDs to ease the sorting of residents' garments, and portable RFID readers for rapid controls of cabinet contents to ensure that each patient's lot is complete and accurate.

"It is fundamental for nursing homes residents to have their own clean garments back as it often permits them to retain as much control over their lives as possible", comments Antonio Casieri, President of Dreamydress. "Our solutions enable significant productivity gains thanks to the acceleration and reliability of the textile management process. Hospital laundries can now improve the management of thousands of residents' garments".

TAGSYS and Dreamydress will present their joint RFID solutions to track and trace nursing home resident's garments and institutional linens at their booth #S03 T10 – Pavilion 4, at the EXPODETERGO show in Milan from October 15th to 18th, 2010.

TAGSYS provides complete, reliable, high performance RFID infrastructure systems for item-level tracking in a variety of industries. Our unique RFID expertise, combined with a true understanding of RFID business processes, make us the ideal RFID partner to ease and ensure the success of your project. With a proven track record of delivering reliable, high performance production systems, TAGSYS has deployed RFID systems to over 500 customers in more than 40 countries. For more information visit

Dreamydress is based in Italy and provides nursing homes and hospital launtries complete software and logistics solutions for the traceability of textile products based on new auto identification technologies such as RFID, offered by market leaders such as TAGSYS. These solutions are adapted to laundries' difficult environments and designed to improve the tracking of garments and linens while optimizing their washing and distribution processes. For more information visit