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TransCore Unveils RFID-Based eZGo Anywhere Tag For Electronic Toll Collection

BALTIMORE--( BUSINESS WIRE )--With the goal of advancing interoperability for electronic toll collection systems nationwide, TransCore,the largest global supplier of transportation based radio frequency identification (RFID) products, introduces the eZGo(tm) Anywhere standard onboard unit (OBU). eZGo Anywhere is designed to simplify wireless payment of tolls for those motorists that travel across various states and require different tags for each area's toll system, such as a motorist from the Northeast who travels south to Florida or west to Texas.

"We've come to expect and enjoy interoperability of systems such as with cellular phone or ATM services, yet any form of national interoperability among toll systems has previously eluded us," said n+Simler&index=1 John Simler, president of TransCore's Intelligent Transportation Systems Group. "With the eZGo Anywhere multi-protocol tag, toll authorities can now offer inter-state drivers, both commercial and private, the ability to easily pass through toll gates without needing to carry a bag full of tags."

eZGo ere&index=1 Anywhere provides a more immediate and achievable answer to interoperability, dramatically condensing the timeline to national interoperability with a highly pragmatic technical approach that does not rely on costly, uncertain, and highly complex technology deployments. eZGo Anywhere's sophisticated multi-protocol RFID technology operates within the parameters of the Interagency Group (IAG), Super eGo, and American Trucking Associations specifications so it provides coverage for more than 95 percent of all tolled lanes in North America.

About eZGo Anywhere Onboard Unit

The eZGo Anywhere onboard unit (OBU) operates in the 902-928 MHz frequency ranges, and is a high-speed, high-performance RFID tag suitable for electronic toll collection and traffic management applications where a standard on-board unit is specified. It is a read-write OBU that supports adding and editing data to the OBU at high speeds in real-time.

The TransCore eZGo Anywhere OBU employs advanced security techniques that ensure a tag's authenticity while preventing data corruption and/or alteration. In addition, tag cloning, spoofing, copying, or duplicating is prevented. eZGo Anywhere OBUs support factory programming of fixed data fields that are locked at the factory and cannot be reprogrammed.

Agency read-only data fields are programmed by the agency using password-protected programming equipment. eZGo Anywhere OBU cases are constructed of highly durable, impact resistant, molded plastic and are available in five colors. Markings on the OBU assist patrons in the proper installation and orientation. eZGo Anywhere OBUs are available in waterproof, driver feedback, and exterior-mount models. eZGo Anywhere features a non-replaceable internal battery with a decade's worth of lifespan based upon typical usage.

eZGo Anywhere OBUs are designed for mounting to a vehicle's interior windshield surface using dual lock mounting strips. Dual lock strips provide for easy mounting and removal when portability is desired. Optionally, eZGo OBUs may be affixed to the mounting surface with stationary mounting brackets.

About TransCore

With installations in 46 countries, more than 100 patents and pioneering applications of RFID sheet=5784174&lan=en_US&anchor=RFID&index=1 , GPS and satellite communications technologies, TransCore's technical expertise is unparalleled in the markets it serves. TransCore's 70-year heritage spans the development of RFID transportation applications at Los Alamos National Labs to implementation of the nation's first electronic toll collection system.

TransCore's RFID technology is deployed in transportation applications in 41 countries with more than 35 million RFID tags and 55,000 readers distributed worldwide. TransCore's extensive global experience with tolling systems includes more than 7,400 installed electronic toll collection lanes worldwide and 22 customer service centers. TransCore offers an extensive suite of enterprise software applications, business process outsourcing, system integration, and maintenance services to provide complete solutions, configurable to customers' requirements.

In 2008, TransCore was ranked by Engineering News-Record as No. 98 out of the Top 500 Design Firms. Also, in 2008 TransCore was awarded the prestigious Call Center Award of Distinction for its management of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority's FAST LANE Customer Service Center.

While in 2007, TransCore was honored with the TEAM Florida Chairman's Award for the most innovative transportation project for the world's first reversible lane, open road tolling system in the world.

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