News | September 17, 2008

End-User Survey Reveals RFID Adoption Spreading Across A Broad Range Of Verticals, According To ABI Research

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- An online end-user survey recently completed by ABI Research has found that RFID is being used or evaluated for a growing number of applications across a wide range of vertical industry sectors. 186 organizations worldwide responded to the survey, providing a detailed picture of the current state of RFID adoption and identifying key markets trends, system requirements, expenditures, and more.

According to ABI Research director Michael Liard, "The survey results validate ABI Research's view that RFID opportunities are broad in today's market. Virtually every economic sector and industry where data needs to be collected or objects need to be tracked holds the potential for RFID applications."

End-user respondents cite the use and evaluation of RFID technology across multiple application segments, ranging from security-based applications to supply chain management to multiple flavors of asset tracking and more. Organizations of all kinds are increasingly using and evaluating RFID systems to improve the tracking of objects, assets, goods, and materials within the "four walls", in yards and campuses, open loop environments, and beyond.

Liard continues, "The research also reveals that end-users are looking for a total solution. This requirement is leading large percentages of users to secure their systems direct from RFID manufacturers as well as from systems integrators that can provide all solution components via a partner network." The results reveal that respondents feel these vendors and integrators have a deeper understanding of RFID technology, as well as vertical and/or application market specialization.

ABI Research's Annual RFID End-User Survey ( User_Survey) (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.) provides the high-level, top-line results from this online survey. The study includes analysis of respondents' RFID usage plans, primary adoption drivers, operating frequencies and applications supported and evaluated; current and planned RFID expenditures; hardware requirements; vendor sources and selection criteria; and demographics. The results offer a sample snapshot view of the broader end-user community trends to consider during the development of more detailed market models and business strategies.

It forms part of the firm's RFID & ContactlessResearch Service ( which includes other Research Reports, Research Briefs, Market Data, ABI Insights, ABI Vendor Matrices, and analyst inquiry support.

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