News | January 14, 2008

RFID Products: New Proficient Products In IAITO's UHF Range Portfolio


IAITO InfoTech Pvt Ltd, Kanpur, India, a start up company in SIIC, IIT Kanpur with its young, dynamic and vibrant engineers with the mentoring of Indian best Technical Institute (IIT Kanpur) has come out with a variety of product ranges in RFID HF and UHF in Reader Technology.

Down the line for more than 2 years our engineers where focused in all aspects of RFID like Cost Competence, Innovation, Regulatory Standards (EPC/ISO), Future up gradation and easy integration flexibility with our design. We also provide supports of SDKs DLL/APIs for developers to easily integrate and develop ERP for clients.

The scale of IAITO's business also means that IAITO employees can lead or participate in project and product development that have global impact affecting the lives of millions of people and fulfilling our waving hands with the beats of your business growth.

New Products Range:


The RIFI-4P and RIFI-8P are the out come of uphill struggle and market research of IAITO Team to meet the industrial proficiency and cost competency with the present market stipulate.

The goal of designing RIFI-4P and RIFI-8P are to provide a complimentary platform for the users to experience the expediency of extensive long range area exposure of RFID applications and performance with a compact reader.

The RIFI-4P and RIFI-8P surmount the hurdles of lower cost competency, performance accuracy, deployment flexibility, environmental adaptability, regulation compatibility and stimulation in application with incorporation of supported DLLs and APIs, for the customers who wants to reinforce new era in RFID applications.

Features & Characteristics:

  • Regulation: 860-960 MHz.
  • Various tag support.
  • Maximum working range 4-7m with each antenna (in ideal conditions).
  • Configuration software with various options for each of 4 / 8 antennas and scan delay.
  • Software parameters control flexibility.
  • Anti-collision support.
  • Lower Cost compatibility and higher market proficiency.


IAITO's RFID UHF External Antenna is the result of rigorous testing and precision hunting to meet up the industrial standards and different regulation compatibility with the present market.

IAITO's RFID UHF External Antenna is a general circular polarized patch type and can be used with all type of UHF RFID Reader available in the market. The Antenna performance is mostly suited with IAITO UHF Readers. The wide frequency band (860-960 MHz) provides flexibility of selection to the customers.

The lower cost competency and flexibility in choosing desired frequency band from the wide band frequency range of the antenna create its individuality in the UHF antenna market.

Features & Characteristics:

  • Lower Cost compatibility and higher market proficiency.
  • Frequency Band: 860-960 MHz.
  • Gain: 8?0.5 dBi
  • Polarization Type: Circular.
  • Impedence: 50 Ohms.
  • VSWR: Better than 1.5
  • Various Mounting Facilities:
  • 2 Degree of freedom: Horizontal / Vertical tilt +90? to -90?
  • Wall Mounting: Fixed metallic Clamp

SOURCE: IAITO InfoTech Pvt Ltd.