Datasheet | August 26, 2010

Product Overview: Avery Dennison AD-222

Source: Xterprise Incorporated

In the real-world, RFID inlays are required to perform on myriad materials and in diverse environments, many of which challenge basic RF functionality. For instance, metals cause RF waves to detune, liquids absorb RF waves and manufacturing or retail settings can be full of wireless interference.

Avery Dennison inlay design experts and applications engineers leverage decades of experience to create products that mitigate these real-world challenges.

Real-World RFID Inlays

Avery Dennison UHF EPC Gen 2 inlays are used across the world in supply chain, retail, aviation, healthcare, defense and many other applications.

Our inlays are supported by a team of RFID experts who work closely with customers from testing to pilot to implementation.