Guest Column | November 7, 2008

Guest Column: Implementing Item-Level RFID Intelligence Solutions On The Selling Floor Can Help Retailers In A Volatile Economic Environment

By Karen Bomber, Manager Solutions Development, Sensormatic/Tyco International

Inventory accuracy, out-of-stocks, item location, price management, promotions execution, internal shrink and vendor fraud represent major challenges facing retailers and consumer goods manufacturers in an increasingly volatile economic climate. Unfortunately for retailers the failure of any of these processes can negatively affect their profitability.

EAS and RFID are complementary technologies that can provide retailers with several approaches to preventing theft while improving the quality of item-level data, depending on their needs and specifications. Some retailers have recognized dual EAS/RFID functionality addresses both item-level security and item-level visibility, while others may chose to deploy a sequential, layered technology approach.

New item-level RFID technology enables information accuracy that drives intelligence back into the supply chain by improving the integrity of the data at the item level. With a comprehensive item-level RFID solution, retailers experience the benefits of increased data integrity at the item level and more accurately tracked items from the stock room to the sales floor to the point-of-sale using item-level intelligence.