News | November 20, 2007

RFID Identification: Encentuate Powers Identity And Access Management For Englewood Hospital

Encentuate, Inc. recently announced that Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, New Jersey has deployed the Encentuate IAM Suite to strengthen access security across the organization. With Encentuate, Englewood automates access to web, desktop and legacy applications, using a combination of single sign-on and employee RFID badges for strong authentication. Encentuate goes beyond traditional identity and access management to provide Englewood with session management and fast user switching, as well as secure remote access. Opened in 1890, Englewood is in its second century of service, with 520 beds and more than 2,500 employees.

Englewood selected Encentuate for its wide range of capabilities, including the ability to provide secure access for remote users through the hospital's Aventail SSL-VPN appliances and Encentuate Web Workplace. The hospital is also leveraging Encentuate's seamless integration with multiple strong authentication factors by providing the ability for staff to access applications and network resources using dedicated workstations with biometric readers in each section of the hospital, in case they forget their ID badges. With Encentuate's automatic password reset, users can change forgotten passwords on the fly, which alleviates frequent IT helpdesk requests.

"Encentuate makes it easy to manage identities and access rights for all of our medical professionals, regardless of where they log in to our network," said Gary Wilhelm, Business and Financial Systems Manager at Englewood Hospital. "By automating access within the facility and remotely, we ensure that our caregivers always have convenient and consistent access, and that patient information is completely secure." Part of Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program (TAP) and an early adopter of Windows Vista, Englewood has begun working with Encentuate to integrate Vista support for its IAM Suite. Additionally, Englewood is currently exploring Encentuate's unique private desktop offering, which allows users to maintain multiple, distinct desktops on shared workstations.

"We're proud to work with Gary and his team to help Englewood enforce security and compliance, as they continue to focus on the world-class care that they have provided for over a century," said Zorawar Biri Singh, president and chief executive officer of Encentuate. "Englewood is taking advantage of the unique breadth of Encentuate's product offerings, including complete end-point coverage, private desktop, and the widest support of strong authentication factors, as well as our ability to leverage Englewood's VMWare virtualized infrastructure."

Encentuate provides IT with complete control over identity and workflow policies, and deployments can be tailored area-by-area within the hospital to streamline workflow in different areas and working environments. Additionally, Encentuate has the powerful ability to leverage Englewood's VMWare virtualized infrastructure. The Encentuate IMS Server runs on a virtual server, providing additional server management features such as high availability (HA) and distributed resource scheduling (DRS), which reduces or completely eliminates server downtime.

About Encentuate
Encentuate is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions that enable enterprises to automate access to corporate assets, strengthen security, and enforce compliance across all end points. Through a user-centric approach, Encentuate delivers enterprise single sign-on, strong authentication, session management, workflow automation, and centralized admin and audit capabilities, without requiring changes to existing IT infrastructure. Encentuate is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., and has offices across North America and in Singapore. Encentuate's customers span a range of industries, including healthcare, biotechnology, manufacturing, government and financial services. SC Magazine named Encentuate the best identity management solution in 2007 and the best single sign-on and two-factor authentication solution in 2006. More information about Encentuate is available at or by calling +1.866.362.3688.

SOURCE: Encentuate