News | May 14, 2009

Xterprise Introduces Laptop Security Application

Source: Xterprise Incorporated

Tracks and secures laptops and other mobile IT assets with RFID technology

Xterprise today announced the commercial availability of Clarity ITAM — Laptop Security System, available as a standalone application, or as a module within the Clarity IT Asset Management application suite. Already deployed at several sites of Fortune 100 companies in North America, the application is specifically designed to track and secure highly mobile sensitive enterprise assets and the information they contain. Built on the Clarity Application Framework, featuring Microsoft platform technology such as BizTalk Server and SQL Server, the application is a highly scalable, low total cost of ownership solution to laptop security that can be deployed within a few short weeks.

"In today's tight regulatory environment, organizations must take steps to manage and protect sensitive customer, employee and corporate data and to do that they must secure the laptops and other assets where that information is stored." says Jim Caudill, SVP Marketing and strategy Xterprise. "Our Laptop Security application uses advanced RFID technologies to give us the ability to secure those vital assets and data while streamlining the facility access security process."

The need for enhanced laptop security is understood and well publicized. Most corporations can account for only 60% of their computing assets, and according to the FBI fully 97% of stolen computing assets (including laptops, servers and media) are never recovered. Laptop computer theft and loss are cited in more than 90% of incidents where companies have lost sensitive customer or internal data.

In just a few examples:

  • An employee of a major auditing firm left a laptop containing data on thousands of client employees in an airplane seatback pocket
  • A major hospital reported that a laptop containing data on thousands of patients had been stolen
  • A laptop containing information on 382,000 employees and retirees of a major defense contractor was stolen from a parked car
  • A laptop containing credit card data for 243,000 customers of an on-line travel firm was stolen, costing the company $180 per customer

With the Clarity ITAM LSS application, a specially designed RFID tag is placed on a laptop, which is then associated to a specific authorized user, location and cost center. This data can be entered manually, or extracted from an existing HR system. When the user then passes through a security checkpoint portal, the system automatically validates the laptop against the identity of the individual entering or leaving, creating a detailed event log of all movements. This allows security personnel to rapidly confirm the laptop asset is being moved by its authorized user. Local and centralized reporting of asset movement gives organizations greater visibility and control over all portable computing assets.

About Xterprise
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SOURCE: Xterprise Incorporated