News | April 4, 2023

RFID Audit And Test App For iOS, 'Wave: Audit,' Announced By SimplyRFiD

Billions of RFID tags are used at retailers and millions of 'new' products are being tagged with RFID, yearly. Tagging correctly requires new tools. Wave: Audit from Simply RFiD enables manufacturers to place RFID audit tools into production to tag correctly.

Wave: Audit is an iOS app from SimplyRFiD built on the Wave: Retail Enterprise Inventory system platform. Wave: Audit provides manufacturers and retailers the tools needed to accurately test UPC decoding, tag readability (read range/strength certification), and delivery order counts. Wave: Audit is being released at the upcoming RFID Journal Live event in Florida, May 9th. SimplyRFiD will be demoing in the CSL (Convergence Systems Limited) booth 529.

"In the early days, mis-encoded, missing, or unreadable barcodes created problems," said Carl Brown, President of SimplyRFiD. "This still exists today when you reach a register and the barcode is unscannable or missing. Our app, Wave: Audit, is designed to increase the quality expectation of the new RFID technology."

RFID in action
There are two major issues changing from barcodes to RFID and Wave: Audit solves them.

1. Wave: Audit-Certify: Wave: Audit has a built in wizard for placing tags on items, testing the tag readability, and saving a picture of the tagged location, the tag inlay information, and the certification results. Expert training from SimplyRFiD allows manufactures to ensure their tags work correctly when tagged.

2. Wave: Audit-Delivery: Delivery audits the production line. Delivery will scan a box or pallet, display the UPC decodes, detect invalid tags, and save the delivery (product UPC counts) to a shipment for ASN (advance shipment notices) or other quality manufacturing needs.

SimplyRFiD's Wave: Audit is available starting May 9 and beta invites are available now. Wave: Audit requires an iOS device and a CS108 RFID Handheld. Please contact for more information.

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Source: SimplyRFID