Datasheet | August 10, 2008

Product Sheet: Fluensee AssetTrack™

Source: Fluensee

AssetTrack works very effectively as a stand-alone asset management system. However, to meet your needs, AssetTrack can seamlessly interface with your exisiting systems through a variety of methids that best fits your requirements.

AssertTrack ensures the most advanced identification, location and protection of your asserts, By gaining control of these often misplaced and stolesn items, you wou'll imporve both your business processes and bottom line

In particular, we can offer your organization:

  • Deployment flexibility - an "out of the box" application that uploads existing data from and integrates seamlessly to exissting applications
  • Remote access - provides remote role-based access via a comfigurable web-based management portal from any internet browser
  • High scalability - message-driven, event processing architecuture allows the application to scale horizontally with server computing capaility