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Revolutionizing Livestock Tech: ID Tech Solutions Earns Prestigious ICAR Certification For Cutting-Edge RFID Injectable Transponders

Delhi /PRNewswire/ - In a groundbreaking achievement, ID Tech, an Indian company specializing in RFID Animal Identification products, proudly announces its acquisition of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) Certification. This recognition underscores the company's dedication to upholding global standards in testing and certifying Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) devices for animal identification, further highlighting ID Tech's commitment to advancing technology in agriculture and animal husbandry.

ID Tech Solutions' RFID Injectable Transponder, sized like a grain of rice measures 2x12mm, is subcutaneously injected, positioned just beneath the skin—akin to a vaccination process, minimizing discomfort for the animal. Having received the ICAR-assigned manufacturer code '901007,' ID Tech ensures global uniqueness. Certified by ICAR through rigorous testing at DLG Test Service GmbH, Germany, these RFID transponders underscore product reliability and effectiveness. Every ID Tech purchase guarantees globally unique numbers, emphasizing our commitment to data integrity.

Specializing in a wide range of animal identification products, including glass tags, injectable tags, ear tags, and RFID readers, ID Tech addresses the diverse needs of livestock, such as cattle, sheep, and pets. Beyond simple identification, ID Tech provides solutions for animal breeding, wildlife conservation, pet identification, and overall animal welfare. As the world embraces a more tech-driven era in agriculture, the market for livestock identification solutions is poised for significant growth. Robust identification systems are not only a present requirement for streamlined operations but also a strategic investment in building resilient and sustainable farming practices for the future. Livestock identification has evolved into a sophisticated network of connectivity, providing farmers with unparalleled insights into the health, movement, and breeding patterns of their animals.

"We are honored to receive the ICAR Certification, validating our commitment to delivering high-quality and globally compliant RFID products & solutions for animal identification," said Mr. Saurav Khemani, Managing Director of ID Tech. "This recognition is a testament to our ongoing dedication to providing innovative and reliable products to meet the evolving needs of our customers."

About ID Tech:
ID Tech is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions that enable businesses to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability. With a focus on innovation and quality, ID Tech provides customized solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers. For more information on the innovative uses of RFID technology, please visit our website at

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