News | May 5, 2009

RedPrairie Provides Support For Zebra RP4T Mobile Thermal RFID Printer/Encoder

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity software provider, announced recently that it will provide mobile label printing and RFID execution applications in its Warehouse Management solution, allowing individual warehouse workers to encode and tag shipments.

The new release supports the Zebra P4T Series Mobile Thermal Transfer RFID Printer/Encoder, and provides the ability to achieve new levels of efficiency, velocity, and accuracy in supply chain execution. The new printers/encoders can be carried and mounted in locations ranging from an employee's belt to a lift truck, allowing operators to execute transactions more naturally, efficiently and effectively. Thermal transfer mobile label printing, RFID, voice recognition, and wearable computing included in the RedPrairie application will enable new business processes, and provide for easier tracking and organization.

"We are very excited to see RedPrairie embrace RFID mobile printing," Carolyn Ricci, Zebra's Sr. Product Manager for RFID Printing says, "Having an industry leader behind the concept helps validate our belief that RFID mobile printing in the warehouse will create additional efficiencies in supply chain execution."

The solution will be supported additionally by leading RFID and barcode reader providers, with handheld computers supplied by reputable vendors. RedPrairie's RFID compliant software used to support SAM's Club and Wal-Mart compliance mandates also supports the RFID mobile printing solution.

"With Zebra and RedPrairie solutions, companies will be able to better leverage in combination, emerging real time technologies like RFID and Voice to optimize people and processes," comments Gary Morgan, RedPrairie Vice President Technical Services, "The Zebra RFID mobile printing concept immediately separates Zebra from their competition and shows the depth and flexibility of RedPrairie's solution. We are aligned with a unique partner to provide extremely effective solutions for our customers."

Zebra RP4T Mobile Printers/Encoders offer broad functionality at an affordable price point, making the products well-suited to lower duty cycle EPC Gen 2 RFID compliance and closed-loop RFID – applications that are ideal for mobile printing deployments The RP4T Series printer can support various label sizes, and Zebra offer RFID and non-RFID printing options for the mobile thermal transfer printer family which is available in North America and EMEA.

Mobile Printing Benefits

  • Mobile printing based processes can incorporate technologies including Voice and RFID that interactively work to create and collect data for the warehouse operator. This increases productivity by allowing operators to focus on moving inventory.
  • Printing labels during picking helps ensure data integrity. Labels are printed in real time during the execution of the task, permitting the warehouse operator to execute and label the product as requested, increasing inventory accuracy.
  • Mobile printing-based processes are more intuitive, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and can be combined with RF and voice warehouse solutions for reduced operator training time.
  • Mobile printing provides the right products available for sale, and eliminates error corrections processing in receiving and invoicing paperwork due to mis-labeling and mis-shipments. As a result, customers are more satisfied, since they receive the right product in the right amount.

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