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White Paper: Real-Time Manufacturing Intelligence: 10 Ways To Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, And Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Source: Omnitrol Networks, Inc.
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Omnitrol Networks believes that manufacturers will start moving their IT priorities from the back end to the shop floor, to enable a much higher return in business value and business optimization opportunities. So far, companies have spent millions of dollars investing in manufacturing and supply chain visibility systems with very little results in productivity improvements and costs reduction.

If, as the belief goes, the shop floor is where value is created, then shop floor intelligence is at the heart of enterprise intelligence, and supply chain intelligence. A myriad of technologies exists to gather shop floor intelligence (e.g., RFID, RTLS, remote sensors); but the classic enterprise backbone architecture is not suited to gather that intelligence.

What industry requires is a vastly simplified, more plug-and-play method of both gathering shop floor intelligence and sharing that intelligence among partners. This white paper presents how that intelligence gathering can be simplified, and in turn, how that capability can be leveraged to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.