Brochure | June 10, 2010

Product Spec Sheet: RAS—Radio-Frequency Article Surveillance

Source: Industrial Portals, a Division of Jamison Door Company

Deploying Jamison's Radio-Frequency Article Surveillance (RAS) throughout your store provides the ‘right now' ability to see theft, and what is truly in stock, enabling more rapid reaction to inventory demand and stocking levels. High levels of ‘safety stock', excess inventory ordered to protect against out-of-stocks, can be reduced or eliminated. Lost sales due to the inability to locate inventory are eliminated, since even items in dressing rooms are visible. Since each product in a specific shipment has a unique identifier, quality assurance and counterfeit prevention are enhanced. Improved accuracy in picking and packing operations translates into the proper fulfillment of orders. Imitation products are easy to spot.

Missing shipments that can impact the assortment on your shelves are quickly identified. Ultimately, this new level of inventory visibility improves loss prevention measures far beyond the simple currentday LP alerts — to increased customer satisfaction.