News | June 25, 2018

Prodigy Health Announces The Launch Of Prodigy Connect Real Time Inventory Management For High Value Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Austin, TX (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Prodigy Health, a national specialty drug distributor that is leveraging innovative technology solutions for managing specialty pharmaceuticals in the hospital supply chain, today announced a Purchase and License Contract to implement IntelliGuard’s Vendor Managed Inventory System™ to power the Prodigy Connect Real Time RFID solution.

“We are excited to partner with Prodigy Health to deliver IntelliGuard’s Intelligent Inventory Solutions’ unparalleled real-time visibility for critical inventory management to hospitals,” said Gordon Krass, IntelliGuard CEO.

The Prodigy Connect Real Time RFID Inventory Solution combines the Prodigy Vision Real Time Data Platform with the best in class IntelliGuard® Smart Cabinet Inventory System™. “This partnership is driving the realization of Prodigy’s goal of providing all members of the hospital supply chain an easy to navigate, fully serialized, end to end automation solution for managing high value specialty pharmaceuticals,” said Jon Houssian, Prodigy Health’s CEO.

In a simple to navigate cloud-based solution, Prodigy Vision allows hospitals and hospital groups to manage inventory par levels and set up automated restocking on any product. Every time the Smart Cabinet Inventory System™ door is opened and closed inventory automatically updates and product restocks are sent for the dispensed product.

Prodigy is the only RFID consignment provider that allows hospital groups to utilize both RFID enabled consignment solutions with non-RFID consignment locations and the ability to transfer product between them without being invoiced.

IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions™ provides the only Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) automated inventory management solution that enables enterprise-wide chain of custody across the healthcare continuum.

About Prodigy Health Supplier™
Prodigy Health is a national specialty drug distributor that is leveraging innovative technology solutions in the hospital supply chain. Founded in 2001, Prodigy Health is a privately held specialty drug distributor licensed in all 50 states, VAWD accredited, and a member of HDA. Prodigy services hospital groups and individual facilities across the country through the Prodigy Network of 250 plus inventory locations. Prodigy gives hospitals the power to deal with the unpredictable demand of specialty pharmaceuticals for rare diseases with live representatives available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Prodigy connects hospitals to the high value specialty pharmaceutical products they need through Prodigy Same Day Nationwide Delivery and Prodigy On Demand Consignment Services. Prodigy Connect Real Time RFID Inventory provides automated restock and inventory management that reduces labor costs, assures needed inventory is always on hand, and notifies all designated parties of key events. Prodigy Vision provides a secure real time data portal for Prodigy customers and vendors. This allows customers to view real time inventory, manage par levels, place and track orders, view billing and payment history, and access VisionTrack T3 documentation. Find out more at

About IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions™
IntelliGuard ( is a leading innovator of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions that offer automation to enable effective and efficient management of pharmaceutical inventory and critical care supplies in healthcare. IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions™ provide unparalleled automation, real-time visibility, data and intelligence that touch nearly every part of the supply chain distribution process – from hospital and health system pharmacies to manufacturer and distributor supply chains. We develop and patent technology and processes with an unwavering commitment to accuracy to eliminate human error, improve cost control, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. IntelliGuard® Solutions include the following modular, scalable inventory management systems: Kit and Tray Management System, Linked Visibility Inventory System™, Smart Cabinet Inventory System and Vendor Managed Inventory System. IntelliGuard is a charter member of RAIN RFID global alliance.

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