News | April 6, 2010

Printronix Delivers The Only ENERGY STAR Thermal Bar Code And RFID Printers With Unparalleled Industry Compatibility

Source: Printronix Inc.

Printronix Inc., a leading industrial and printing solutions manufacturer, recently announced that its T5000r thermal bar code and SL5000r radio frequency identification (RFID) printers are the only thermal printers in their class to meet the latest 2009 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Imaging Equipment. Printronix's new ENERGY STAR printers will help companies reach their corporate sustainability initiatives by reducing energy consumption and utility bills.

"We have made significant enhancements to our thermal bar code and RFID printer product lines, which reinforces our commitment to supporting our customers' evolving business needs and performance requirements," said Pendy Pendyala, vice president, global marketing, Printronix Inc. "Additionally, we are responding to our customers' sensitivities to reducing energy costs and their carbon footprint by earning the ENERGY STAR."

The ENERGY STAR is earned only by those products that meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Companies that choose an ENERGY STAR product over another model could save significant energy costs per year through reduced power consumption. In addition, products that earn the ENERGY STAR reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Thermal Printers for Every Environment as Easy as Plug and Play
Printronix now provides the most thermal printer emulations as a standard feature for easy replacement of multiple printer brands. Companies often face this situation during an upgrade cycle or while streamlining operations following mergers and acquisitions. With the addition of Monarch and IER emulations, the T5000r and SL5000r printers support a total of seven thermal emulations. The full emulation capability includes Zebra, Intermec, TEC, SATO, Datamax, Monarch and IER. The extensive emulation support, combined with micro-stepping technology, means the T5000r and SL5000r ENERGY STAR printers have unparalleled application and output compatibility.

Feature Enhancements Ensure Adaptability to Future Business Applications
Printronix has added several standard features to the T5000r thermal bar code and SL5000r RFID printers to help businesses not only accommodate current applications, but also plan for the future. Each printer now comes with Ethernet built in and the highest memory in the industry at 64MB DRAM and 16MB Flash. Enhanced label sensing technology expands the range of media customers can use. In addition, the T5000r thermal bar code printer is field upgradable to RFID to meet the changing demands of business applications. The SL5000r RFID printer includes EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 certified hardware. Both the T5000r and SL5000r offer optional functionality for wireless environments when combined with Printronix's mobile PrintCart. The lower power consumption enables prolonged use of the printer, resulting in less frequent charging and productivity improvement.

Printronix Consistently a Market Leader in RFID
According to the latest VDC Research report, Printronix has been a share leader for RFID printers and applicators for five consecutive years. "As passive RFID becomes more core to enterprises and value chains, the role of printers and applicators will be greatly expanded," said Drew Nathanson, director of research operations, VDC Research. "The RFID industry is poised for significant gains over the next five years, with several printer supported applications, such as supply chain management, ticketing and baggage handling, fueling much of the growth."

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SOURCE: Printronix Inc.