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White Paper: Point-Of-Use And Tracking Solutions For Aerospace Tools And Equipment

Source: IDZ Technologies Inc.
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By Gray McDermid, IDZ Technologies

Primary studies show that the current hidden cost of between 10 and 60 minutes per technician per shift of traveling to a centralized tool room and checking-in and out tools and equipment is staggering. Assuming an average aerospace operation has 100 technicians per shift at $30 per hour (assumed accelerated pay) and 35 minutes per technician per day (primary research average) is spent on tool control, $1,750 is spent each day on traveling to and accounting for tools. These figures show that over a third of a million dollars each year in lost on wasted man-hour expenses. What if each location could realize millions of dollars in savings over the life of an automated tool control system? What if the level of accountability at the point-of-use (flightline, hangar, or backshop), was actually increased over current operations? What if a tracking system could be tied into the accountability system to get real-time awareness of tools and equipment anywhere in the world? The man-hour savings, safety enhancements, and operational efficiencies are just being discovered.