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Lowry's automated labeling systems division, Paragon Labeling Systems, provides ideal solutions for Supply Chain labeling. These automated print-and-apply and apply-only systems can be configured to meet most application criteria, such as direct product labeling, carton, case and pallet labeling, compliance labeling, identification, routing/tracking, inventory management, and warehouse/distribution center management. Paragon sets a new standard for precision engineering, cost-efficient labeling, and assured compatibility with future technologies.

Automated Labeling Systems manufactured by Paragon Labeling Systems, a division of Lowry Computer Products

Modular Design - A unique modular design couples your choice of high-quality print engine modules to one of several label applicator modules through a rugged chassis. Modularity results in better quality control, simplified ordering with a shorter lead-time, simplified maintenance and assured compatibility with future technologies. Print & Apply systems are easy to set up, simple to operate and extremely reliable.

Easy integration - A compact modular design fits into any operation without using valuable space. The labeling systems are compatible with ThinNet and 10 Base-T networks, are easily integrated into any automated packaging line, and can also be set up as a transportable stand-alone labeling operation.

Engineering excellence - A system engineered for durable, extended operation in a manufacturing environment. Only premium-quality materials are specified and the workmanship is precise. Each system is built to exacting standards to ensure exceptional long-term reliability.

Versatile and flexible - Label anything from small delicate packaging to shipping cases and pallets. Paragon print-and-apply systems accommodate standard size labels and can easily perform sequential numbering, time/date imprinting, lot numbering, expiration dating, and more. They permits stacking of many different jobs for continuous operation, yet allows special jobs to be inserted into the run. Known for precise compliance labeling, the systems feature label placement accuracy and crisp thermal/thermal transfer printing quality. Changeover to a different label menu and size is fast and easy, plus the system can be rotated 360 degrees for operation in any position.

Labeling technology
- As a leading provider of best-in-class apply-only and print-and-apply solutions for manufacturing and supply chain operations, Paragon is at the forefront of next generation RFID labeling technology. New Encode & Apply and Print, Encode & Apply systems print, program and apply RFID labels, and feature a patent pending quiet label reject mechanism.

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